Friday, October 9, 2015


One of my favourite things about Spring is of course the incredible pastel lip colours that suit the season so well. This post showcases a selection of these beautiful creamy and colourful peach and pink hues.

If you are strapped on cash to spend on makeup then this is the post for you because all but two of these products is drugstore, making this trend super affordable and accessible to you.
Starting off with the pink options, I have four products here to tell you about because pastel pinks are generally a lot more wearable than creamy corals.

MAC "Snob" is a cult classic shade and one of the first lipsticks I picked up from the brand. In my opinion, it is much more wearable than something like Saint Germaine because it is slightly pinker and has less of a white base to it.

Maybelline Rebel Bloom "Hibiscus Pop" is a creamcicle pink and a colour that usually would not work on me but due to its creamy luxurious formulation it does. This is a hydrating lipstick but still makes a bold impact with the colour, creating the perfect pastel pink for spring time.  
Maybelline 14hr "Perpetual Peony" is a great option if you want something long wearing that you won’t have to be constantly reapplying, which is the unfortunate downside for the Maybelline Rebel Bloom collection.

NYX "Lollies" Butter Lipstick is another hydrating product and you would not believe the smooth and creamy  finish while still providing super opaque colour. This pink would still be considered pastel but it has more of a bubble-gum pink hue to it, perfect if you want a bold pink lip this season.

Creamy coral shades look incredible on tanned skin and blonde hair but can wash out those with lighter skin or dark hair. It is definitely trial and error though to see what works for you because sometimes depending on the hue of the lipstick, you can get it to work. More often than not though I look like I dipped my lips into ice-cream and should immediately wash them. So I have gathered together my go-to colours that I can actually pull off. So if you have similar colourings to me then this may be great options for you.

NYX "Taffy" Butter Lipstick is the perfect option if you find it difficult to wear light peach colours like this because the hydration and pigmentation work together to make the lips look great. Much better than the unfortunate event of when product sinks into the lines of your lips.

The Maybelline Rebel Bloom collection is at it again with this light coral shade, "Peach Poppy". Similar to the NYX product, the hydration makes the shade a lot more wearable. This is a very similar colour to the NYX shade but a little less pigmented and instead of a glossy finish it has more of a satin finish.

MAC “Sweet and Sour” is the first light coral colour that actually worked for me. I was shopping with my makeup artist friend Fifi Marika who encouraged me to try it on and at first I was hesitant, having similar shades look horrible on me in the past, but I ended up falling in love with it. Something about the formulation and perfect amount of opacity works so well and compliments blonde hair perfectly.

Those are my pastel peach and pink lip colour recommendations for this season. I hope this has helped you out and maybe you can scour the drugstore looking for some more hidden gems. I know I want to have a bit of a look at the Essence, Rimmel and L’Oreal stands at Priceline. 

Thanks for reading!