Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Mary Kay have released a new range of eyeshadow shades are they are absolutely killing it with their unique selection including stone greys and multicolour sparkle browns.

I have fallen in love with the entire collection and how they all seamlessly work so well together. All of the shades are perfect everyday colours but mostly different to a lot that I have in my collection.
Let’s start off with the stone grey shade because that is what I was most excited to see in this collection. It’s a cool toned matte grey and I don’t think I have anything like it. Often greys are ruined with too much shimmer, giving them more of a steel colour. But this one is perfect and it is what I have been waiting my whole life for (exaggeration but hey I’m excited).

* Driftwood is a beautiful satin brown, a very rich and chocolate like brown.
* Golden Vanilla is the perfect beige neutral and you can never have enough of these sorts of colours. They come in handy everyday for me as the base of any eyeshadow look.
* Rosegold is a shimmery brown with antiques god reflects that would look stunning as a crease colour or used wet to create a beautiful shimmery liner.
* Glistening Gold is an iridescent shimmery pale gold – talk about a stunning inner corner highlight.
* French Roast is a very deep and dark brown perfect for creating a smoky eye instead of using a black in the crease.

The quality of all of these is incredible with great pigmentation and a beautiful formulation, there isn’t much more you could want in an eyeshadow.

These shades are the perfect way to spice up your everyday neutrals, providing a natural finish but with colours that are a bit more unique. 

Thanks for reading!