Monday, November 9, 2015


Although Urban Decay and Too Faced palettes are lovely, there is much more out there than just the latest Naked palette. This post is all about showing you three palettes that are $10 or under.

Proving that you can save some money and still get some great eyeshadows to work with. Talk about a bargain - 2 of these palettes were just $2.80. Read on to find out more about these drugstore steals.

Daiso Glitter Eyeshadow Ellefar Color Makeup Series
This beautiful palette comes with a total of five sparkly shades ranging from nude to deep brown. Despite their extremely shimmery appearance, these shadows are really easy to blend and work with. I find that this palette works great in combination with any matte shadows because it balances out the shimmer. If you are going for a really sparkly and in-your-face look then this will be the perfect palette for you. This one was just $2.80 from Daiso.
Daiso Colourful Eyeshadow Quad 
Another affordable Daiso palette here. This quad features beautiful satin shades that all work so beautifully together in the same colour scheme. It includes a creamy white, shimmery gold, blue based taupe and milky pink. They have a few buttery formula and blend really well. I do experience some fall out with this palette but it's a small downside considering how affordable it is.

MUA "Undressed" Palette
This palette is a must have for girls who love their neutrals. Move over Urban Decay, this has a lot of similar colours to that of the original Naked palette and for a fraction of the price. The shadows are ot as creamy and buttery as the UD ones but they do have comparable colours and you really can't tell too much of a difference when they are on the eyes. They aren't as long lasting either but if you use an eyeshadow base it definitely increases the longevity. This palette is just $10 from MUA, click here to purchase.

Of course I was quite shocked when I tried these products and found them to be amazing quality, especially those palettes from Daiso. For $2.80-$10 I really don't expect much so it is a great surprise when products surpass my expectations and turn out being really great palettes. I would highly recommend any of these if you are looking for some new shadows without dropping a whole lot of coin on the latest high end palette.

Thanks for reading!