Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Most of the ingredients in these products sound good enough to eat and that is because for the most part - they are! Ingredients like avocado, kiwi fruit, berries and cacao butter make features in these products making for a series of delicious concoctions. 

I do realise the above could mislead you to believe you can eat these but I am definitely just joking and would not recommend eating these despite how amazing they sound. Enough of me being weird - let us get into discussing these four products. 

Being organic and labelled as a true gift for sensitive skin, this product immediately spoke to me. The further I looked into the formulation the more impressed I was, especially to find anti-inflammatory and super-antioxidant factors. It is a bit pricey for a cleanser but well worth the money if you struggle to find a gentle cleanser that you like. 

What a unique cleanser perfect for dry skin! This rich butter focuses on deeply cleansing while softening and moisturising at the same time. It does this through an awesome blend of soothing oils and nourishing cacao butter. Also completely suitable for sensitive skin because of the soothing lavender and blue chamomile ingredients. This product comes with a cute little spatula to help during application.

I have only recently become interested in hand creams, trying my hand (quite literally) at a selection of products. This particular one is super luxurious with a velvety texture leaving your skin dewy yet not oily. The hot pink packaging represents the summery berry and hibiscus flower ingredients. Hydrating avocado oil is added to the mix making for an incredible hand cream. 

Interestingly enough this serum is actually water based, Waiera mineral-blessed water to be exact. While that all sounds a little bit crazy to me apparently it targets pigmentation so works to brighten and restore the skin. Reducing redness, brightening the complexion, minimizing pigmentation and evening out the skin tone. Sounds like a miracle in a bottle but for me I love it as an intensely hydrating serum. 

That's a wrap on my tried and tested favourites from Antipodes, I look forward to expanding my collection. 

Thanks for reading!