Monday, November 16, 2015


Maybe NARS is a brand you have never tried or perhaps you are just looking to expand your collection from them.

Whatever the case these two products are a staple of mine from NARS and I would highly recommend adding them to your wishlist. So let me get into just why these products are so amazing and top the list of my NARS favourites.

NARS Pressed Powder ($50)

For someone who stuck to the same two powders for years, even trying this was a huge step for me but the risk was well worth it as it has now become my go-to powder. The formulation is silky and smooth, leaving a velvety poreless finish on the skin. It gives a silky airbrushed finish and leaves the skin soft but not powdery. This product is available from Mecca.

NARS “Nico” Blush ($42)
I was extremely sceptical of this blush at first because well, it isn’t your typical blush colour. The shade is light sand with an iridescent shimmer throughout it. What this works best for is over the top of tanned skin because it gives the skin a pearlescent finish making you look like a bronzed goddess. It is quite a pricey item though so if you are on a budget then you could probably give this one a miss. This product is available from Mecca.

The mix of these two products together is a god send. One provides you with flawless skin while the other gives a beautiful pearl finish and makes you look like you are glowing. Once the NARS freedom palette system comes to Australia I know these two will be the first to be depotted.

Thanks for reading!