Thursday, December 3, 2015


Photography has become an increasingly important element for bloggers as something to stand beside your amazing content. 

A photo has the ability to make or break an article. That may sound dramatic and maybe it is but bright clear photos draw in more readers and enhancing the experience for your blog audience.

In this post I am talking about the bare basics when it comes to creating those good quality photos for blogging - Let's talk camera.

I am a huge fan of Canon cameras (my last name is Cannon after all, I guess I am probably biased) but there are some better than others.

The starting out camera
If you are just getting into the blogging action and don't have a huge budget then starting off at the bottom range of Canon DSLRs is perfect and the 600D is pretty great. However, there are Canon DSLRs with significantly better quality and many more features. It is a great first DSLR but if you think you will grow out of it pretty quickly then you might be better off investing from the get go.

The all-rounder
I personally use the 70D and absolutely love it but that also has a lot to do with the fact that I make a lot of YouTube videos as well as take blog photos. The 70D gives a great mix of photo and video capabilities. This camera is on the higher end of price range but I think it has a lot of great value considering it is a video camera and great for photography too. If you are a YouTuber and a blogger then this is a god-send.

Excellent for photos 
The higher end Canon camera such as the 5D and 7D are better suited just for photos and boy do they do an incredible job with them. These cameras have a plethora of incredible photography features so there is lots of room to experiment and play with your blog photos. These cameras are particularly great if you are a lifestyle, fashion or fitness blogger and shoot a lot of content outside because there are plenty of action features.

So let's break this down
600D, 700D - $500
Most affordable, best for starting out with blog photos.

70D - 1k-1.5k
Medium to high in price range, a multi-tasker great for both videos and photos.

5D, 6D, 7D- 1.5k-2.5k
Highest in price range, great for crisp quality blog photos.

My personal opinion is that the 600D and 70D are great for taking photos and it isn't necessary to spend an extra 1-2k on the camera but if you are intensely into photography/will use all the extra features then they are a great option.

Thanks for reading!