Saturday, December 5, 2015


I sometimes like to consider myself a Maybelline mascara expert but hear me out because I mean it in the least narcissistic way possible. 

Having worked with Maybelline for over the past three years I have tried my fair share of mascaras, most likely every single one they have released. So I do know my way around a Maybelline mascara and when I was presented with all these shiny new options in LA I couldn't resist trying some of the US formulations. In this post we are talking about The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara by Maybelline.

The Packaging
The packaging is what stood out to me the most. I actually mistook it for a double ended mascara at first because the iddle section is slightly raised and it looks like both ends are an opening. So very cool and intriguing packaging.

The Brush
The brush is unlike a lot of Maybelline mascaras because it is a very thin wand with short rubber bristles. The mascara is reminds me most of is actually the Covergirl Lash Exact. Out of Maybelline mascaras the brush is probably most comparable to the Illegal Length fiber extensions mascara.

The Results
The thin brush does a great job of creating volume because it allows for you to get into the roots of your lashes and create fullness. The thin bristles are fantastic for individually coating each lash. 

The formulation is a pigmented stark black, exactly what I look for in a mascara. I mean I think I speak for a lot of girls when I say the blacker the better. Sometimes we want bold eye-catching lashes and if we don't then we opt for brown not a poorly pigmented black.

Price and Availability
This mascara retails for just under $10USD in the states and is available from Target, Ulta and other US Maybelline stocklists. It makes me very sad to say that this mascara is not avaliable in Australia but I have my fingers crossed that it will reach our shores soon enough.

In the meantime while you are waiting for this one to hit Aussie stores I would recommend checking out the Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara because it has a similar brush but also harnesses the power of fibers for extra length.

Thanks for reading!