Tuesday, December 8, 2015



While I religiously used The Body Shop products while I was in school because it was one of my mother's favourites, it isn't something I brought with me when I moved out of home.

When I was gifted this beautiful strawberry duo I fell back in love brand, mainly due to the  unbelievable scent that brought my right back to my Strawberry lip balm days. 

With Christmas just around the corner I think The Body Shop have so many beautiful products to gift to friends and family including a set like this. I love the cute baby sizes of these products because you are able to try a few products for the price of one full sized. Each of the bottles is 60ml which is  really decent amount and even perfect for travelling.

This set cam with a shower gel, body puree and luxe loopha, I mean who wouldn't want this gorgeous pampering duo? Well I guess if you were allergic to strawberries that would be a valid reason. 

The shower gel lathers beautifully, foaming up into a creamy bubbly mixture that feels like heaven on the skin. The strawberry scent fills the shower for a truly decadent experience. Use the loopha with this and you will have an amazing foamy experience. I love how this product cleanses without drying out the skin.

Follow up with the body puree to hydrate and nourish the skin, locking in moisture. It leaves the most beautiful sweet and tangy scent on the skin.

I am so excited to head into The Body Shop this year to see what holiday sets they have on offer because this one from last year found a special place in my heart. Even if it took me about 6 months to finally open it up and give it a go. I'm considering buying full sizes of these items but at the same time I am also looking to try something new.

Thanks for reading!