Thursday, January 7, 2016


If you have been following Jordy's Beauty Spot for a while then you would know that I have quite a love for Maybelline lip products.

I can pretty much rely on falling in love with every single collection released and this new Creamy Mattes range  is no exception. In this post I am going to be talking you through the formulation, pigmentation, colour selection, pricing and availability.

Colour Selection
The range consists of 8 beautiful shades all unique to each other so you can purchase them all and not have any colour double ups. What I love most is that all of the shades are extremley wearable and none of them are too risky or daring. Although I love my bright lip colours sometimes it is nice to have a collection like this that you can rely on for a great everyday shade. This collection has everything you could want - nudes, pinks, purples, plums, browns, corals and reds. Lots of variety and there is bound to be a colour you love.

This range has a matte cream consistency which is infused with a complex moisturizing matrix. The miture includes honey, emolient waxes and Vitamin E to help leave the lips hydrated and nourished. It feels rich and creamy on the lips while still being lightweight.
From L to R: 655 Daringly Nude, 665 Lush For Blush, 670 Rushing Rose, 660 Touch of Spice, 680 Mesmorising Magenta, 695 Divine Wine, 685 Creamy Coral. 

These lipsticks pack a punch and are highly pigmented to help achieve a bold matte lip look. In one stroke they provide a rich and creamy colour. These stunning shades make a statement while being perfect for everyday due to their wearability.

Price and Availability 
These lippies retail for $17.95 each and will be available from February 2016. I purchase my Maybelline products from Priceline, Kmart or Target. 

I must say that I am extremely impressed with this collection. Maybelline have done it again releasing a unique and interesting new range of lipsticks. These new and fun colours have spiced up my everyday lipstick drawer and I love every colour I try on. There isn't one shade I dislike in the entire collection which is unusual because there is often one or two I simply will never use. I would highly recommend getting your hands on some of these once they are released later next month. 

Thanks for reading!