Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A pigmented Lip Gloss the perfect middle ground between a liquid lipstick and your average gloss. The kind of product that you can slap on and have it look like a decent lip colour without using a lipstick. 

So these hit a sweet spot in my collection that isn't too overcrowded. I am all about those Australis Velour Lips and MAC Cremesheen glasses but these are sort of like a mixture of both. In this post I'm going to talk about the formulation, colour selection, pricing and availability. 
These have a lovely semi shiny finish to them but also a creamy consistency so the colours show up well on the lips. They are a medium opaqueness which is personally my favourite kind of pigmentation - it's bold yet wearable. Something else notable is that these have a delicious fruity candy scent which makes them a delight to wear. 

Colour Selection
Party Girl is a hot pink with a slight glitter to it. This one is a lovely pop of colour and definitely not for the feint of heart since it is quite a bright candy pink. 

Cherry On Top is a gorgeous fiery read with an orange undertone. This one is great if you are wanting a bright glossy lip without having to apply both a lipstick and gloss. 

Love Affair is a rosy dusty nude but not in a Kylie Jenner cool toned way, more in a mauve pinky nude. It is a really subtle way of wearing pink while it still looking natural so it is the perfect everyday colour. 

From L - R: Love Affair, Cherry on Top and Party Girl. 

Pricing and Availability 
These retail for $22.95 and you can purchase them from Madam Glam online. I think the price is reasonable considering how high the quality they are. 

Overall I would recommend checking these out because they were an unexpectedly amazing find for me and have found their way into my purse for everyday wear. 

Thanks for reading!