Monday, February 15, 2016


With Summer in full swing I have been getting into the fake tanning and the newest release from St. Tropez is incredibly intriguing to me since I hadn't heard of in-shower tanning prior to this. 

A fake bake is always better than damaging your skin with a real tan so I am all about trying different tanning alternatives. So here I am to give you the low down on this product after being a little guinea pig (or more like a drowned rat but we will get into that later) for this product.

The packaging raves about only taking three minutes to develop but have you ever tried to stand in your shower with the water off for that long? Let me tell you it is very boring and quite cold.  

The tan itself develops as quite a light honey toned tint but definitely not something like a deep bronze tanner. So it is more for a subtle natural tan perfect for daily wear but not a solution for those of you who want a dark tan. You can us this a few days in a row to darken up the look but it isn't an enjoyable process so you may not like having to continue with the upkeep.

This product is available from Priceline for $39.99 in a 200ml size. The product pictured above is a travel sized 50ml amount. You don't require a huge amount of the product during application so the 50ml bottle I have will likely last me around 5 full tans. So if you purchase the full sized bottle then you should get around 20 full tans. For that reason I would say that it is quite an affordable tanning option. However, like I mentioned before the results aren't as dramatic as something like their bronzing mousse or self tan lotion. 

So would I recommend this? I think this is worth it if all you look for in a tan is a slight tint and you enjoy in shower treatments otherwise it is a lot of effort for very subtle results. 

Thanks for reading!