Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I haven't come across a product revolutionary to me in quite a while so when I stumbled upon this amazing invention I knew I just had to share them with you!

Introducing pre-filled portable cotton swabs and no they aren't as messy as you think. I pictured these being soaking wet cotton swabs so was shocked to open up the packet and find them completely dry. What you actually do is snap off one end of the cotton bud and then the formula from inside the stick will drop down into the tip ready for you to use.

So this Tuesday tip is all about these incredible cotton tips that come pre-filled with makeup remover.
It is pretty genius actually, especially since you can have a few of these in your bag individually. These are so handy to have in cases of an eyeliner emergency or fixing up an over application when you have been re-doing your makeup.

These are by the brand Hollywood where I have tried a few other products that they offer but these are definitely my favourite so far. I haven't seen another brand have a version of these but would love to try out different ones if they do exist so that I can compare them.

Full price they are $5.99 for 24 pre-filled cotton swabs. Obviously this cost is a lot higher than if you had of bought a whole box of the regular cotton tips and an eye makeup remover but for convenience sake, these are pretty amazing.

Throw a few of these in your bag and they will definitely be put to good use! I can't believe I didn't find these sooner. They are avaliable from Priceline, Kmart, Coles and other stocklists of the brand Hollywood.

Thanks for reading!