Friday, March 11, 2016


Lipsticks encased in cardboard may seem like an interesting way to package a product but the benefits extend way beyond appearances.

These organic lipsticks are 100% natural and vegan so a great place to start for those of you venturing into chemical free makeup. Since I am so obsessed with and passionate about makeup I am always excited to try new products and recently organic products have been catching my eye. Also these are produced in Queensland and I love supporting local companies so was very excited to find them so close to home. 

Sweet about me is breathtakingly beautiful and I would rush out to buy 15 of these if it came in blush form. It is a iridescent peachy pink that is quite sheer in pigmentation but perfect for a frosted lip look. I may have to try this on my cheeks because it is too beautiful of a colour not to see if it would work.

Friday on my mind is the perfect blend of a cappuccino brown and wearable red, resulting in a muted burnt orange shade. This colour is much more pigmented than the other and has more of a satin finish rather than frost. 

On the website they tease that more shades are coming soon and while I love the wearable everyday colours that they have managed to create, I would love to see some bold and fun colours added to the line. 

The formulation can be tacky at times but with that being said, it is one of the best organic lipsticks I have tried. It is obviously very hard to create a smooth consistency without all the chemicals that a lot of them include. 

These lipsticks retail for a hefty $38 but the pricing is understandable considering all of the care and thought that has gone into ensuring the product is free of all the nasties. You can purchase them here.

I am glad I have been able to test out some more organic products because unfortunately they don't make up a lot of my collection. Hopefully I will have some more organic and natural makeup reviews in the near future.

Thanks for reading!