Tuesday, April 12, 2016



It can be easy to go a little bit crazy when life is hectic but I think that the right amount of pressure can make an individual flourish. 

If you aren’t challenging yourself daily then you are wasting your potential and will not be growing as much as you could be. On the other hand, when you are juggling multiple things you can often apply too much attention to one or not enough to another so striking that balance is crucial.

I currently participate in 3 full time commitments – working full time, studying full time and running my own company which is technically still a full time business. Through this I have learned many things about balancing time, multi-tasking and being efficient so this post is all about sharing my tips.

Schedule out your time 
Split your time on each of your projects whether that we how you structure your day or your week. If you work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm then you know that those hours are your time to focus on your full time job and leave all work related matters within those hours. Sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan in the case of after work events and seminars but as a general rule those should be exclusively working hours. If your university schedule is set out in a way that your classes are right after work then you have blacked out that period of time to solely university and ensuring you attend. Scheduling your time will make certain that you fit everything in that you need to, as long as you stick to the structure.

Use your weekends wisely 
Of course weekends are made up of a lot of catch up things around the house, exercise and maintenance like washing the car or getting your hair done. If you are able to streamline this process to be more efficient then you may have a bit of leftover time to work on some of those commitments you are juggling. I like work on my side business all throughout the weekend and week day nights so when it comes to house work on the weekend, I fit it in between my side business work. This might involve throwing in a load of washing then editing a video. I then might wash Puffin (my adorable Shoodle pup) and go take some blog photos. It is all about finding the balance and working in a time efficient manner.

There is no point allocating a heap of time to something you don’t need to have done for another month when you have pressing matters due that day. Prioritizing your tasks and working your way through the most important ones first is essential to not missing deadlines or wasting your time in things that don’t demand your attention right away. This can be hard, especially if you are passionate about a particular task but it really is a better way of doing things. This will definitely come into use when scheduling your time because you know if you will need a little longer on a particular commitment etc.

Those are my tips for juggling multiple commitments at once SUCCESSFULLY. It is way too easy to get stressed out, freak out and have a meltdown if you aren’t properly scheduling your time, using weekends wisely and prioritizing.

Thanks for reading!