Friday, April 15, 2016


Not all hairdryers are made the same and this Babyliss one takes the cake for coolest on the market. Labelled the 'Ferrari of blow dryers' because the motor was made by the luxurious car brand - this model is no joke. 

They say that the main difference between cheap and expensive blow dryers is the motor so knowing that this model is made by Ferrari gives me high hopes of it's quality.

There is nothing worse than buying a hairdryer and having it die on you a couple of months afterwards. I am of the opinion that it is worth it to invest in good quality products if they are going to last you a good amount of time.  

This Italian made masterpiece is a collaboration with the engineers from Ferrari. The dryer prides itself on fast drying capabilities and leaving your hair looking soft and smooth.

The dryer comes with four different heads which come in use for different circumstances. This dryer has different levels of heat and power so that you can decide what would suit best for each style. If you want a quick dry after the shower then maybe a full power cool dry is the best option. While a low heat setting might suit other occasions.

Want to hear one of the best parts about this dryer? It is actually really quiet! Which means you might even be able to use it early in the morning before work when your boyfriend is still asleep.

Each nozzle directs the airflow differently, with the thinnest tip being the most concentrated and strong flow of air. This strong airflow acts as a powerful straightening force that also leaves you hair soft and silky.

Now the price point on this one HURTS especially if you look at a GHD and think they are expensive. The BaByliss Pro Rapido retails for $229.95 AUD. Now it does come with a 4 year warranty so you have peace of mind if anything does happen to it. 

Overall I think that if you get a lot of use out of your hairdryer, say at least 5 times a week, then this added technology could be worth it for you. With it's efficient drying capabilities, it has the potential to save you so much time a week on your hair. 

Thanks for reading!