Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I am a huge fan of mineral makeup because of how much I believe in good skincare and protecting your skin. It can be difficult to find good quality products that achieve the look I am after which is why I am excited to introduce you to KIBI Raw Minerals. 

KIBI are a brand that do mineral makeup right and have some absolutely incredible products that I have fallen in love with. I wanted to quickly run you through what makes the products so amazing and then recommend my top three favourites to you so read on if you're interested.

KIBI Raw Minerals are completely nano free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Pure Mineral Makeup is made up of a variety of the earth's natural mineral elements including such ingredients as mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and more. These particles are large enough to not block pores which is why they are known for being a better choice if you suffer with acne or have problematic skin. Such products are self preserving and don't require preservatives that could cause irritation, acne and infection to the skin. Due to this, KIBI is Australian Certified Toxic Free!

I personally have quite sensitive skin so certain foundations can give me a rash or irritate my skin. Having products from KIBI Raw Minerals that are made with all natural substances means I don't have any concern with how my skin will react and I feel a lot less guilty than I do when using conventional foundations and bronzers etc.

 #1 - KIBI Raw Minerals Foundation
Made up from 100% minerals and with natural SPF 15+, this is a smooth and creamy formulation without the risk of clogging pores. It's fine formulation provides a seamless finish and leaves skin soft to the touch. With so many colour options, there is sure to be a foundation that perfectly suits your skintone. This product retails for $54 AUD.
 #2- KIBI Raw Minerals Blush
With all the same benefits as the foundation, blush is one of those things that pulls a look together and with this product I can do that guilt free. Sometimes smoothing on a cream blush over my foundation makes me feel oily and like I am clogging my pores. That is fine for nice evening looks or weekend party makeup but for everyday work wear I don't like clogging up my pores. There are two gorgeous colour options to choose from - Peach and Blossom.
#3 KIBI Raw Minerals Bronzer
I always find mineral bronzers to smooth over the skin so nicely and leave a seamless and smoothed bronze finish. This one colour suits all because it is extremely buildable, making it a versatile product. You can apply this product with a light hand for an overall glow or build the product up for contouring and sculpting the face. This product retails for $48AUD. 

So that's a wrap on my top three products offered by KIBI Raw Minerals. I would highly recommend heading over to their website here and having a browse of the products.

Thanks for reading!