Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BEAUTY EXPERIENCE: Kerastase 'Fusio-Dose' Hair Treatment

Recently I was invited to the trendiest salon on James Street Brisbane, TogninisHair, to experience the newest hair treatment from Kerastase.

The 'Fusio-Dose' Hair Treatment goes beyond all other hair treatments, using the latest technology and incredible products from Kerastase. My amazing hair technition was Shaun (follow him on Instagram @ShaunHasInstagram).

Step 1- Individual Assessment
The treatment begins with an individual assessment of your hair, evaluating what it's missing and as such the products to use during the treatment. This makes the whole experience incredibly personalised and more effective because the products being used are specifically tailored to the needs of your hair.

The amazing piece of technology used to complete this assessment is a state of the art camera that captures extremely close up images of your scalp and hair follicles. From this it can be evaluated the exact regime you need to follow to balance out any issues you might have with your hair. 
Step 2 - Treatment 
After it was decided the course of action with products being used for the hair treatment, I was then lead over to a basin for a treatment, shampoo and deep condition. It was extremely relaxing and all of the products smelled amazing.

Step 3 -  Styling
I then consulted with Shaun about what kind of hair style we were going to do. I explained my hair is very fine and doesn't hold a curl very well and I also dislike hairspray. We decided to trial out a nice and natural style of soft curls held with a powder based hairspray to avoid the stickiness of a regular one.

The end result was amazing! My hair has never felt more hydrated, soft and healthy after this treatment. The style lasted a couple of days and inspired me to play around with curls a bit more.

Thanks for reading!