Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Latest Facial Experience + My New Skincare Regime

Is it just me or are you meticulous with your skincare regime straight after getting a facial?

Even if you normally grab whatever cleanser is closest to you in the shower, now you find yourself reading the back of the bottles choosing the one with the best ingredients.

Something about getting a facial motivates me to take great care of my skin straight after and I try to make it a habit. Facials make me feel like I have a fresh new canvas to work with and I take great care in sticking to religious use of a series of well thought out products.

I'm so happy because after this facial with Skinstitut I revamped my skincare regime to include only their products. The greatest benefit to this is that each of the products are made to compliment eachother. So each product of the routine is like a puzzle piece and when they all come together it creates great results.

This is big for me to stick to one brand since I'm usually taking bits and pieces from everywhere to Frankestein together some sort of routine and it changes so often (not necessarily a bad thing) that it probably wouldn't count as a proper regime.

That has all changed since my facial last Friday! I'm now religiously sticking to my new regime set out to me by Zoe, marketing manager of Skinstitut and amazing cosmetologist. Following this routine means I cover all bases; cleansing, hydrating, treating, protecting from the sun etc.

My New Skincare Regime

I start off by washing my face with the Gentle Cleanser, followed by the L-Lactic Cleanser for the second cleanse. I then spritz with the Multi-Active Mist, apply a thin layer of the Rejuvenate 15 Serum and finish off with the Age Defence SPF 50+

I follow my same double cleanse routine that I use in the morning with the Gentle Cleanser and the L-Lactic Cleanser. When I come out of the shower I spritz with the  Multi-Active Mist, apply a thin layer of the Rejuvenate 15 Serum and finish off with the Multi Active Oil.

I will alternate between the Hydrating Mask and the Enzymatic Micro Peel to further treat my skin, usually on weekends.

So that is the routine I have been following religiously and I'm looking forward to seeing the effects it has on my skin. I will definitely keep you updated on this one!

I want to know - what skincare brand do you primarily use? Do you use an entire skincare system or bits and pieces from different brands?

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