Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hits and Misses - L'Oreal New Releases

Sometimes I stop and think to myself how grateful I am to work with such incredible companies. Receiving this L'Oréal package was definitely one of those moments...

You and I both know that L'Oréal have some bomb products and over the years I have only seen the value get better and the quality go up within the brand. In this article we are going to be running through FIVE of their new releases from all across the board; foundation, concealer, blush, brow products and mascara.

We have all bases covered here and some of these products are so impressive, you'll definitely want to keep reading (I mean, there is definitely a reason that I use most of these products in my everyday makeup routine).

Let's get into the lowdown...

(But also, let's keep it short and sweet. I just want to let you know if the product is great and worth trying or iffy and you could probably give it a miss).

Infallible Total Cover Full Coverage Longwear Concealer Palette
What is it?
Five creamy shades of concealer; 2 neutral skin tone and 3 coloured.
The Verdict! If you have oily skin give it a miss. If you have dry skin and like the glowy look....girl you are going to love this.

Brow Artist Maker
What is it? An easy two step process to do your brows. The creamy stick product is on the end to fill in your brows and the brush on the end smooths out the product for a flawless and natural finish.
The Verdict! I absolutely love this product because it is the perfect everyday brow product to easily get a natural finish.

Volume Million Lashes
What is it? A volumising mascara with a curved brush for easy application.
The Verdict! Honestly, it's not my favourite L'Oréal mascara and although the curved brush is great for length, it lacks in volume. Everyone's lashes are different so it might be worth giving a try but for me it doesn't do much.

True Match Highlighter
What is it? This highlighting product consists of three different shades, the perfect versatile product when you are looking to add a bit of colour and shimmer to your skintone. This product comes in two different shades; a rosy blush colour and a nude and bronze option.
The Verdict! This is a must have in your makeup bag because of how versatile the product is. You can mix and match the shades depending on what look you are going for and it's a really good product that has many different uses.
Infallible Total Cover Foundation
What is it? A 'total coverage' foundation for a flawless finish to cover all imperfections. The shades in the range are wearable and natural so no cakey orange finish here.
The Verdict! Holy moly I seriously love this product because of how full coverage it is. I would even compare this product to a concealer it is that high coverage.
So that's a wrap on the low down of some L'Oréal new releases! There are some must-have products from these new additions to the range as well as some that you can give a miss.

Overall, I'm seriously impressed with what L'Oréal have been coming out with lately and they are continually exceeding my expectations when I try new products.