Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Putting Things in the Past: Rectifying Big Beauty Mistakes

We are all guilty of committing some sort of beauty faux-pas in our past. Everyone cringes when they look back at old photos of themselves, whether it’s to do with their makeup, hair, clothes or overall general style.

But some mistakes are bigger than others and have a longer lasting impact on your overall appearance. So, what are some of the most regrettable beauty decisions you can make and how do you go about resolving them? Here are a few examples.

Tattoos can be beautiful. They turn your body into a canvas, hosting impressive works of art. They can reflect your personality and interests, convey a sentimental or meaningful message, cover scars, or simply add as a bright addition to your body. But when they go wrong, you may think there’s no turning back. They are permanent after all. But not to worry, laser technology has come leaps and bounds in recent years, and laser tattoo removal is proving more effective than ever. Recent tattoo removal statistics show that the majority of individuals opting for treatment are female and do not regret having the artwork removed post-procedure. So if you have an old love’s name printed on you or merely a design that you have grown out of, there’s a way to effectively remove it from your skin.


Nowadays, people place more emphasis on the shape and color of their eyebrows than ever before. There have been different trends down the decades. From thin pencil brows in the 1920s straight through to modern day, thick brows a la Cara Delevigne in the 2010s. But wherever hair shaping and removal is concerned, there is always room for error, and when the error is on your face, it’s pretty noticeable. So, be careful when it comes to taming your brows. In the first place, avoid plucking yourself. Not only will they grow back quickly and unevenly, but it’s also difficult to get the ideal shape and pulling the wrong hair can result in a mismatched, uneven look. Instead, opt for professional waxing or threading. These techniques leave a smooth finish, reduce hair regrowth and give a clean, precise shape. If you’ve already caused the damage, not to worry. Try taking supplements to encourage regrowth: vitamin C and B-complex will stimulate hair growth. Everything should be back and right as rain in about four weeks.


Damaged Hair
So many of us badly damage our hair without even realizing it. Bleaches, heated hair appliances, clip-in extensions and chemical laden products really do give your hair a tough time, especially when used daily. Give your hair a break to rest and recuperate. If the damage is done and you find that you have split ends and your locks are taking on a dry and brittle, straw-like texture. It may be time to face the chop. Cut hair into a short bob and regularly trim it. Within no time you will have a whole new head of hair to work with. To maintain your new glossy locks, avoid using heated products regularly. If you can’t bear to wear your natural hair down, put it up in a bun and save the straighteners and curling tongs for the weekends or special occasions. Use deep nourishing treatments and avoid harsh bleaches.