Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rose Gold Brushes - Artiste Airbrush Collection Review - Top 4 Brushes

Luxe makeup brushes can add a bit of luxury to your everyday makeup routine and these new additions from Artiste are STUNNING! 

These beautiful high quality range of makeup brushes is an impressive addition to the market and in this post we are going to be taking a look at four of the brushes from the range that I adore. There are also a heap of photos because these brushes are just stunning.

This beautiful high quality range of makeup brushes are an impressive contribution to the Australian market and make gorgeous chrome brushes easily accessible. In this post we are going to be taking a look at my four favourite brushes from the range that I adore. 

Let’s be real - the biggest benefit of this range is the stunning rose gold barrell on each of the brushes. It makes applying your makeup each day just a little bit more special than usual.

Since we’re on the topic of the aesthetic this brush range has, let's take a moment to talk about the stem of the brush. This is an oddly important part of the brush because it determines the control you have when using it and therefore how you apply your makeup. I have had brushes where the stem is just way too long, to the point where it gets in the way and makes the brush difficult to use. These matte black stems on the brush are easy to grip and control the movement of the brush. Not to mention the matte black and gold writing looks so stylish. 

So let's get into the four brushes, their uses and my verdict on the quality...

A04 - the flawless shadow brush.
So this brush is the "go to" shadow brush in your collection. You know the one I'm talking about - you need it first up when doing your eye makeup to set down the base colour and it's depressing if it's dirty and out of action. This brush is a tapered fluffy brush so it peaks in the middle and has soft fluffy edges to further assist in blending out the shadows. 

A06 - the precision smudge brush
This little cutie of a brush is packed so densely that it helps to really pile on colour. The size makes it perfect for pushing darker colours against the lash line or using the flat side to create a dramatic cut crease look. I don't use this one as much as the A04 but it is definitely a notable brush from the collection worth getting your hands on. 

A03 - the soft focus blush brush 
Holy fluffy duck, this brush is soft! You know the kind of brush you just want to sit there and rub on your face for hours? Yeah, this is one of those. Unbelievably soft yet still amazing to apply product and blend it out well. Although this mentions it is for blush, I tend to use it for setting powder because of the size. I think it's slightly too large for blush unless you like to cover a lot of surface area with a rosy complexion. This brush could also work well for an overall bronzer to lightly bronze all over. 

A05 - the blending crease brush
This brush is a rounded dome shape and densely packed. This makes it perfect for blending out any difficult to budge colours or if used with a light hand can be used to pack on colour. This is great because of how soft the bristles still are despite these dense brushes being notoriously scratchy a lot of the time. I would highly recommend this one in your collection also. My only complaint is that the handle on this one is slightly too large so does get in the way when up close in the mirror. 

Now I'm going to leave you with a little bit of picture spam since these brushes are so damn photogenic and I want to give you a good idea of the quality and feel of this range. 

I would highly recommend popping into Priceline and having a further look at these! Unfortunately, they are boxed up which can make it difficult to get an idea of their feel but trust me - they are soft!!

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