Saturday, July 29, 2017

Behind The Desk - Back To Uni, YouTube Creator Academy + Media Launches

I realized that it has been way over a month since I filled you guys in on what has been going on lately. I've had some major lifestyle changes and gotten the chance to do some cool things that I thought I would share a bit more about.

From starting my minimalism journey to eating my way through newly some launched Brisbane food joints, there is a lot to fill you in on.

Also before we get into it, you may have already noticed, but the new blogging schedule sees new content going live at 8am on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's.

Let the chaos of Uni commence once again...
I had a great break from Uni and definitely enjoyed not having to work on assignment every weekend but I'm now back on the study grind. I'm just finishing up my first week back of what is the second semester into the masters. I debated with the idea of dropping down to part time so that my workload wouldn't be so intense but the way it's worked out is that I'll be doing my usual 4 subjects - please send help and copious amounts of coffee. But the exciting part about this is that they are all subjects I am so excited to be doing! They center around social media, writing for digital and then a couple of fun creative advertising subjects about project design and copywriting.

YouTube Creator Academy
I had the pleasure of attending another YouTube Creator Academy which are workshops hosted by the platform to assist you in improving your content and branding. I have been attending these for years and I always find them extremely motivational and inspiring. Even if the information is something I've heard before it still serves as a reminder that I need to take those tips and apply them. In recent years YouTube have now partnered with the state government so I no longer have to travel to Melbourne or Sydney but rather they are held in my neighborhood. It's so good to see YouTube being localized and acknowledges as an actually career path now.

Project Minimalism
If you have been keeping up with my minimalism series you will know that I'm trekking along with this minimalism lifestyle thing. The first portions of it have been to clear out my makeup collection, completely overhaul my wardrobe and do a social media detox. 2 trips to the dump later, 10 bags filled for donation and a girly wine night letting my friend sift through the massive pile of makeup I don't need and we've made some progress. I'm looking forward to continuing with this and letting you all in on the process.

Read my article about culling my makeup collection here.
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Suki and 4 Fingers Media Launches
There are few things I love in life more than food so restaurant media launches are my kind of thing. This month there were 2 amazing new food joints to open up in Brisbane - Suki and 4 Fingers.

Suki Sushi Burrito & Poke Bowl is a new Japanese place to have opened in South Bank, West End and Bulimba. They make the most incredible customized sushi burritos (giant sushi rolls) and Poke bowls (everything delicious thrown in a bowl). You go through the process of choosing your meat (raw fish options, karrage chicken etc.) then you are overwhelmed with so many delicious veggie and salad fillings. Choose your sauce (they have so many amazing ones) and throw on some extras like seeds, nuts and garnishes. Honestly obsessed with this place.

4 Fingers Chicken is a Singapore chain that specializes in chicken. The launch was so much fun with a high energy DJ, endless amounts of chicken being served up and customized cocktails on the night. Being a vegetarian for years and years means that I am quite particular with my meat and it has to be great quality. I was blown away with how great the food was here. Decently priced, massive portions and high quality food. The wings were super crunchy on the outside and succulent on the really can't get any better. It puts KFC to shame, a definite must try if you are at Chermside or the city.

So that's about it from me. Nothing too crazy over here, just hanging out. Thought I'd give you a quick update nevertheless. Look out for some great content coming up on the blog covering the topics of; minimalism, health and fitness, lifestyle and self improvement.

Remember, new content goes live on the blog at 8am on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's.

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