Saturday, August 26, 2017

Behind The Desk #16 - Ekka, Chicken Mexican Bowl Recipe, Bridge to Brisbane + Food As Always

Another month gone, another update and another time when I stop and ask myself "how the hell is it this far through the year already?"

So what's been happening in my life? Things have been pretty settled actually so still super busy just with the same old same old stuff but there are a few fun bits and pieces I thought I would update you on...

Social Media Detox
Before we get into it, if you haven't already read my experience giving up social media for a weekend give it a read here. If you are thinking about doing a social media detox - seriously do it! My results were awesome.

I was a happy camper to make it to the Ekka when it was on last week, extremely happy in fact because I spent the whole day eating and petting baby animals. So because I'm obsessed with eating let's talk about how good carnival food is - dagwood dogs, pork knuckle and yes...the iconic strawberry ice-cream were all consumed by me. Petting the baby animals was a definite highlight and I nearly died from cuteness overload feeding them. Seriously, if I lived on a farm with a bunch of animals I would be forever happy.

Speaking of food, you definitely need to try the chicken joint 4Fingers if you haven't already, with stores at Chermside and in Brisbane City. They do the best soy garlic and spicy fried chicken, wings, burgers, seafood and more. Talk about a killer cheat meal.

Fitness / Bridge to Brisbane
I have upped the fitness game for Bridge to Brisbane which is being held tomorrow. I've increased my workouts this week and have been eating a bit more and healthier (mostly). I have been focusing on toning rather than cardio because weight loss isn't my aim and I am more working on muscle definition. I have been doing some really great 20 minute power Pilates routines which are high intensity and great for squeezing in a quick workout. I've noticed my core is getting much stronger so I'm able to increase the intensity of my ab workouts and am making overall progress. Yay to not dying while I do Bridge to Brisbane.

Chicken Mexican Bowl Recipe
My meal prep game was strong this week, with Mexican bowls which were so good I had to quickly share the recipe with you. It's super simple, is extremely filling and tastes awesome.


Chicken breast
3x sweet corn
1 can black beans
1 can red kidney beans
Brown rice
4x Shallots
1x Capsicum
1x Lemon
1x Cos lettuce

The amount of brown rice and chicken breast really depends on how many meals you want to make and how large you want to make them.

All you do is cook your bean, corn, shallot, capsicum mixture in a bunch of herbs and liquid aminos. Then you cook your chicken pretty much the same way. Serve with brown rice, fresh lemon and cos letter. Yeah it's really that simple, but also seriously delicious and good for you. It's a win, win, win.

As always, you can stalk me over on Instagram which is basically where I mostly live on social media (except for when I'm doing a social media detox of course).

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