Saturday, August 5, 2017

Frank Wants To Scrub your Body - It's Not As Creepy As It Sounds, Promise...

It seems these days that you can't scroll through Instagram without seeing a girl covered in nothing but coffee grinds. 

Frank markets itself as a sexy brand and as such had interesting marketing methods that follow so it is only to be expected. However, in this post we are delving below the artificial image of the brand and really looking into the product and what it is all about.

I realize that us girls do not have unlimited amounts of money to throw at beauty products, especially when it comes to gimmecky items that are yet to These are my quick thoughts and a completely NOT sponsored post on Frank Body so get ready...

1. Worth The $$?
This is a little weird for me because I often leave discussing price for the end of a post but because we already mentioned the concept of beauty products needing to meet budgets let's discuss this first. For me a beauty products needs to deliver results for me to want to repurchase it. The Coffee Scrub product retails for $16.95 and available from the online store. I actually think that this is the perfect price point for the product because the results are there and a packet will last you a while. The Body Balm retails for $24.95 which is pretty expensive for a moisturizer.

2. So Does It Work?

Frank Coffee Scrub
A pro of the product is that the coffee grains are super exfoliating and give you baby smooth skin. As for removing cellulite I think that's a little over optimistic but it does make the thigh area feel more taut and toned. A downside is the oily residue it leaves on your skin and the mess to coffee grains make in the shower.
Frank Body Balm
This balm is nice and thick, leaving your skin soft and supple. The price of $24.95 is a bit steep and there are definitely cheaper alternatives on the market.
3. Let's Talk Packaging!
There is no denying that Frank have the cute packaging down pat. Adorable little emoji style pictures all over the tissue paper is such a cute touch. Let's also face that fact that everything is pastel pink and irresistible. The soft pink and brown paper bag vibe is adorable.
4. Would I Recommend Purchasing?
It's worth giving a go and seeing if the results are there for you. At best it's a great exfoliator and at worst it leaves a huge mess in your shower. If you're on the fence just give it a go and see if you like it. A lot of this brand is simply marketing but the quality of the product is there also.