Saturday, August 19, 2017

The L'Oreal Nail Polish Collection That Made Me Throw Out All My Others


These nail polishes are so good I threw away all my others. No seriously, I did!

Okay so it may have something to do with my new venture into a minimal lifestyle but it was mainly to do with these nail polishes being so damn good they are the only ones I want to use from now on.

Feast your eyes on the beauty that is the new L'Oreal Colour Riche collection of nail polishes with this gorgeous quilted glass pattern and gold chrome lids.

Also, the colours are pretty epic and right on point for the latest trends. Read on for more details and my colour picks from the collection.

The brush is extremely wide so it only takes one or two swipes to fully paint an entire nail. The formulation is smooth and creamy so it glides on without any smudges.

Now let's get into the colour range which you can view close-up both above and below this. There is a really decent mix of colours for all seasons, this range will get you through the broad spectrum of yearly trends.

There are nudes for the girl who loves a neutral yet feminine nail colour. There are muted pinks, bright pinks and magentas. Don't forget about the hints of purple, orange and mulberry. Now let's get into the second row which has some of my favourite shades including; a deep navy blue, muted dark blue, slate grey, cool brown and heaps of gorgeous reds.

My picks from the collection are 224, 220, 222, 668 and 664.

224 is a gorgeous muted berry shade, the perfect warm pink for Winter seasons.
220 is the perfect ballet slipper pink for an understated, everyday look.
222 is bubblegum Barbie pink for a girly touch to any outfit.
668 is a stunning denim muted blueberry colour to make a bold statement.
664 is the most on trend colour, being a very wearable slate grey.

This collection retails for $9.95 a bottle and is available at all L'Oreal stocklists such as Priceline and Target. This is quite an affordable price point for such a high quality brand and on trend product. They're all I will be using from now on.

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