Saturday, October 28, 2017

Guide To The Perfect Girls Night In

Sometimes after a long week the last thing you want to do is get all dolled up and hit the town, even though you are dying to see your favourite girlfriends. There's nothing much that I love more than a night in with a friend or even by myself (hi-fives self for being my own best friend).

Here is how to pull off the perfect girls night in where you will feel recharged rather than drained the next day. You still get to see your friends, you save some money, don't burn yourself out and can fall asleep as soon as you get tired rather than falling asleep in the back of a cab. Here are all the essentials for a killer night...

So this one is obvious, well for me anyway, considering popcorn is in my top 3 foods (random I know). If you are feeling really low key you can just buy the extra butter bagged type or if you are up to it, try out a homemade flavoured popcorn recipe. My favourite is the trio above of melted dark chocolate, melted white chocolate and then plain salty butter.

A good movie or Netflix
Catch up on the latest chick flicks your boyfriend would hate or binge watch an all time favourite series like Gossip Girl or The OC. It's always fun to see a great new movie or reminisce in nostalgia of an old favourite.

Red wine or a homemade cocktail
Since you are at home there isn't the issue of needing to drive and drinking at home is a LOT cheaper than spending $20-$25 on a cocktail from a bar. There are so many amazing recipes but since the weather is a bit cooler, maybe something milky like a Bailey's Hot Chocolate.

Pamper Products
Face masks, hair treatments and manicures are all essential. It's much more fun to self care with your friends and make a night of it. Also your girlfriends aren't going to judge you with a lumpy green face, just ditch the cucumbers on the eyes so you can still watch the show.

That's about it, all you need for an amazing night in with your gal pals.

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