Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Behind The Desk (January) - Vietnam Trip, New Job, University, 2018 Goals

Happy 2018 everyone! I know we're half way through January but this is the first time I'm sitting down and really talking one-on-one to update you on what has been happening in 2018 so far - there is so much to tell you!

I'm back from my holiday, am about the start a brand new job, going back to Uni and working towards some really big goals for 2018.

Vietnam Holiday
I also really want to run you through my Christmas and New Years which I spent over in Vietnam, which I briefly will but in addition I also want to pull together a travel guide for Vietnam. We stayed in some incredible cities and saw some amazing things overseas so a more in-depth 'travel guide' will be coming out shortly. We had a really great time experiencing the food, culture and attractions.

New Job 
I'm currently on a bit of a holiday right now as I finished up my marketing manager role just before I left for Vietnam and don't start the new job until later in the month. It feels so good to have some time off with no real plans other than to get completely focussed and organised for 2018. The new job is another marketing manager role but in a completely different industry and I'm extremely inspired and excited to get in there and make an impact, putting my skills to good use and growing professionally.

Last Semester of University 
Uni goes back in about a month and it's an extremely important last semester for me, finishing up my major project so that I graduate mid way through the year. It's going to take a LOT of time, work and dedication but the pay off will definitely be worth it.

2018 Planning
I have planned and plotted the entire year out to make sure that it's a fun, productive and successful 2018. I also spent a lot of time reflecting on 2017 and getting clear on what is important to me moving into the new year.

I have created some pretty neat daily habits and rituals to stay organised like a; life planner, blog schedule, fitness and diet plan, meditation schedule. Call me crazy but I've been tapping away on my calendar and planned down to the day all my appointments for things like; dog grooming, nail appointments, hair appointments, doctor check ins, acupuncture etc. Yep, I'm seriously that meticulous with getting my head straight and organised this year - probably to the point of being a bit crazy but it honestly feels so good to have everything worked out. I think I might do a post about all the little organisation hacks I've been using because they have definitely been working for me and I'd love to share them with you.

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