Thursday, January 25, 2018

Preventing Hair Breakage - I'm Looking At You Blondes..

As someone who have been various degrees of blonde my whole life, I have definitely gotten to a stage now where I can finally grow my hair out long because I know how to take care of it while still being blonde.

I struggled with hair breakage for most of my life and have often had extremely thin hair that won't grow past shoulder length. Over the past few years I have really mastered the art of taking care of my hair so that it is healthy and nourished enough to grow. Now that I've followed these tips, my hair is longer than ever and way past bra strap length. 

Read on to find out 6 of my biggest tips for preventing hair breakage as a blonde. 

1. Opalex / L'Oreal Smart Bond
Adding a product into your regime that specifically focusses on treating hair damage is essential. I've always been a fan of Joico K-Pak but recently have focussed on the colour damaged aspect. So L'Oréal has a hair product out that is very similar to Opalex and it's an in-salon treatment as well as a take home conditioner. The conditioner itself is really interesting because you apply it first and then shampoo it out, a reverse way to usually washing your hair. The best way to deal with hair damage is to avoid breakage in the first place with products like this that protect your hair while lightening.

2. Use less heat
When you do use heat on your hair, ensure that you are using a heat protectant. I like to add one into my damp ends whenever I've just washed my hair then add more just as I'm about to apply any heat to my hair. Overall, use less heat on your hair! It's not as hard as you think either! Try to go heatless a few days a week whether that be letting your hair air-dry on the weekends or chuck it in a plait/ pony tail instead of straightening. Every little thing adds up.

3. Half head of foils as opposed to full head
I only ever get half a head of foils when I go into the salon because all I need to do is lighten up my roots because I leave the underneath dark. Not only does a slightly darker blond underneath make your hair appear fuller and thicker but it's unnecessary to double the damage and get a full head. I find that if you focus your half head primarily on your roots, it brightens up the look enough. This is a personal thing though and if you much prefer a full head then you do your thing. I would recommend trying it out at least once though because it mostly gives the same look but halves the damage.

4. Take longer between trips to the salon
I like to extend my time between salon visits more than anyone you know - it's pretty bad. I find that I don't mind the look of my roots growing out but that could be because they are still a fairly light blonde. I just think that going in every 6 weeks is way too often to be putting bleach on my hair so I try and wait every 8-12 weeks especially if I don't have any major events on. Sounds weird, but again I've just found that it works well for me.

5. Use a heavy hair mask at least once a week
Every week or fortnight I chuck in a really intensive hair mask - usually a concoction of a hair treatment, an oil and a heat protectant. I leave this is all day while I run errands, go to hot yoga and cook/clean then when it comes to rinsing it out and washing my hair at the end of the day, my ends feel so amazing. Like they have just spent the last 8 hours soaking up all the goodness.

Those of my completely honest (even though some embarrassing like not going to the salon for 12 weeks) tips for preventing hair damage that totally work for me! I hope some of these will work for you!

Is there anything else you do that you find works really well in maintaining the health of your hair? Let me know in a comment or shoot me a message on social media @JordyCannon

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