Monday, March 26, 2018

Kmart Makeup Organisation - Cheap Makeup Storage


You don’t walk into Kmart and only buy the things from your list…you walk into Kmart and let Kmart tell you what you need.

Kmart is one of those magical places where you go in to buy a new dog bed but walk out with a dog bed, new bikini, pair of shoes, makeup bag, 2 new sets of workout gear, skincare products and copious amounts of stationary… for under $100.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that Kmart is basically heaven….mmm yep definitely heaven.

So what other bargain can you snag at Kmart? Cheap makeup organisation for storing your makeup. Remember when clear acrylic makeup storage was so difficult to find in Australia and extremely expensive considering it’s a piece of god damn plastic?

Well Kmart is doing what they do best…taking a trend (albeit it 5 years later) and making that product available to you for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

By the way this is really not sponsored…I just love Kmart. Don’t we all... So let’s get into these affordable makeup storage options from Kmart

1. Cube Organiser with Lid
Price: $7
This one is a great basic for whatever you want. You can use it to store short makeup brushes, cotton balls, lipsticks etc. It’s a sleek and clean look and would work particularly well if you want to separate your makeup into individual products.

2. 6 Cube Storage Organiser 
Price: $9
 Great for organising eyeshadows, lipsticks or separating all your makeup supplies like cotton tips, cotton balls, makeup remover pads, face wipes etc.

3. 3 Stackable Trays
Price: $7
This build it yourself, stackable option allows a lot of versatility in what you do. Great for storing eyeshadow palettes or blushes in the bottom trays then having a top layer for daily makeup or lipsticks.

4. Multi Section Organiser
Price: $9
This one is pretty basic but 100% a great lipstick holder!

5. Cosmetic Organiser - Medium
Price: $7
Hello grade 9. This takes me right back to early high school where I would use this exact organiser to put my daily makeup in. The thin little sections at the back are particularly great for makeup brushes.

6. 2 Tier Bamboo Organiser
Price: $12
Very unusual compared to the others because it’s made from bamboo but…I’m liking it. It looks large enough to store skincare and could work great on a bathroom sink to organise little bits and pieces while keeping the bench space clear.

Sometimes a little re-organisation of your makeup collection can really help you feel like you have your life together...and also remind you of all the products you forgot you had.

Kmart making dreams come true for me since 1995 (just to clarify - definitely not sponsored but would happily accept compensation in cash. I kid, but not really. Okay I'm going to go now). 

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