Friday, June 15, 2018

My Winter Bucket List - Rest, Hybernate and Recouperate

I’m extremely lucky living in Brisbane because although it’s Winter, it’s still not unbearably cold. Our coolest months at most make you say “maybe I should wear jeans today” or “it might be cold enough for a jacket”. 

Only on days like today it rains a ridiculous amount and you can be pretty cold if you get caught up and wet in it. So while it’s a terribly gloomy day here in Brisbane, it has inspired me to pull together a Winter Bucket List! These are all the things I would love to do over the next 3 months this year.

Don’t let this list fool you into thinking I’m lazy because the point of this list is to give myself permission to slow down over Winter and chill out for once. I’m the kind of person who needs a reason and permission to do that and I really want to avoid burnout this year so this is the game plan to recoup and hibernate over the Winter.

I definitely need a hibernation and recoup after a busy first half of the year finishing my master’s degree (that final project was so much fun but nearly killed me), starting a new job (always a rewarding but exhausting task to get into the groove of a new role) and moving house (settling in has been great but I would love to spend some more time at home). 

1. Movie marathon 
This one is an absolute no brainer. I am a huge fan of movies but never watch more than one a week so the idea of sitting down for a day of non-stop movies and ordering food in sounds like heaven. This will be saved for a particularly cold and miserable day where I don’t want to leave the house at all.

2. Make comfort food slow cooker recipes 
After a long day at work the best thing to come home to is a finished slow cooker meal that you put on that morning. There are so many warming, nourishing and delicious comfort food recipes to make and I will be aiming to try them all.

3. Have a writing day 
With my background in journalism, writing has always been a huge passion of mine. I would love to dedicate a day on a weekend to drinking coffee and writing. Not only will this be super therapeutic with me but it’s also really productive and who knows what I will create. Being cosy snuggled up inside writing sounds perfect to me.

4. Make homemade hot chocolate 
As well as coffee, I also seriously love hot chocolate but rarely treat myself to it. I want to melt down dark chocolate and make the creamiest, richest hot chocolate I can from scratch. This is my idea of a serious winter treat.

5. Stay in bed and have a reading day 
As well as writing, I LOVE reading. It is hands down my favourite hobby I have ever had and have carried it with me from a child to now (of course falling off a few times).

6. Have a cosy coffee date with myself 
I want to take myself to a café with a notebook and some reading material to enjoy a cosy coffee date all on my own just chilling out. Ideally this would be a cool and funky café I’ve never been to. I’m also open to the idea of brunch, especially a Canadian breakfast (maple syrup and bacon – name a better duo, I’ll wait.)

7. Spend a whole day in my pyjamas 
I can’t remember the last time I did this but it certainly has not been in 2018! I am such a fast-paced person who is always “going” and rarely ever stopping so this would be a huge treat for me (if I could even get through the whole day that is).

8. Apply countless hydrating masks 
My skin is susceptible to becoming quite dry so Winter is the perfect time for some TLC with my skincare routine. I will make it my aim to remember to apply a hydrating mask whenever I get a chance – your skin can never be too moisturised especially in Winter.

9. Have a documentary marathon 
The perfect mix of relaxation while still learning something – I love documentaries but definitely don’t watch as many of them as I would like. I love the idea of sitting down and spending a day watching docos on the couch. Same as the movie marathon idea, I will save this for a particularly unpleasant Winter day.

10. TBA 
At first I was going to make 10 “plan a Spring holiday” but that’s living in the future when this should be a bucket list for Winter only. So I’m going to leave this one open ended and see what the Universe sends my way for something cool to do this Winter.

That concludes my Winter bucket list! I hope this has inspired you to kick back and relax a bit this season and embrace the change in weather. You’ve got to take what is given to you and turn lemons into lemonade.

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