Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to Be a Boss Babe Even When You’re Sick

I’m the kind of gal who is in “go” mode from the moment I wake up to the when my head hits the pillow at night. Giving 100% at everything I do, all day, ERRYDAY means that in a rare moment when I do stop to rest – sickness hits me. Anyone else or is this just me? 

It’s like my body holds up just long enough for me to get everything I need done and then it’s like “okay germs we have the green light to be sick, man your stations”.

Anyway, this just happened to me this week when I finally breathed a sigh of relief after getting my final grades back from Uni, felt like I had officially gotten our new home sorted, began a brand new fitness routine, started trying a new diet, was on top of everything at work, making MAJOR progress on a huge project I have coming out shortly and a million other things, you get the picture.

But basically I felt like I had my life together then…BAM…hit with the flu…like legit the flu-flu and not just a cold. Next thing I know I’m shivering under 863 blankets and feel like I’m on my deathbed. The doc tells me symptoms last 2 weeks so that…just great. Get your flu shots ladies! Your homegirl over here was sooo confident she wouldn’t get the flu I didn’t bother to get the shot.

Anyway, this post is all about how to be a boss babe even while being sick. Yes, it’s somewhat possible. Let me explain what’s been helping me this week:

1. Catch up on your reading 
Reading is a huge thing for me. I set a goal at the start of the year to finish 30 books in 2018 and I’m already at 18 books read while we’re only halfway through the year. I used this time being sick to get stuck into some books I’ve had sitting there waiting for me. This is a great way of expanding your mind and learning without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

2. Clean the house 
While it might sound overly ambitious to clean the house while you feel like you’re dying…I find cleaning to be comparable with therapy and it always makes me feel better. Having a clear space fosters the energy for a clear mind and hopefully a clear err…congestion system? I don’t know but being sick in a clean environment just makes everything a lot better.

3. Spend quality time with your pet 
Between all the rushing around we do, sometimes we don’t spend the quality time with our furry little friends that we would like. I know that as soon as I’m home from work, I’m leaving again for the gym and then I’m busy making dinner and poor little Puffin gets neglected. I feel like such a bad dog mum…I can’t imagine the guilt levels I’ll hit when I have kids. So use this time snuggled in bed with your pet…I was reluctant at first because I thought I would get Puffin sick but turns out dogs don’t often catch human sickness.

4. Set goals / write to-do lists 
You have so much time on your hands so it’s the perfect opportunity to review your goals and set some new ones. From this you can write an action plan on how you can set out to achieve these goals and put a deadline on it. Take it one step further and write a to-do list that directly contributes to the completion of these goals so that you can get started on ticking things off the list once you start to feel better.

5. Immerse yourself in art 
Watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see, catch up on your favourite podcast series, listen to the new Drake album, binge watch your favourite YouTube videos. Let yourself do all those things you consider a bit of a waste of time in your busy lifestyle while your healthy and in go mode.

Okay so those are the things that have helped me get through this week and make it still a somewhat productive one. Being sick seriously sucks and when you have the flu…man it’s pretty traumatic. But hopefully you can use one or a combination of a few of these tips to turn your sickness into an opportunity. Think of it like the universe giving you permission to lay in bed a read…thanks Universe. But still, remember to get a flu shot!

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Teresa Halminton said...

Next time when I get sick, I will try cleaning my house, what I have never done when I get sick :)