Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Easy Ways to Save Money (by Category) and Reach Your Saving Goals

You might be saving for a holiday or a really nice, expensive pair of shoes… maybe even a house deposit! 

Either way, these easy tips will help you reach your saving goals and I’ve broken them up by category into; fashion, beauty, food / drink, going out and technology.

This one is a GAME CHANGER. It actually changed my life and massively helped my budget. It’s this crazy concept of not buying clothes. I know, it’s crazy but hear me out. I used to order so many clothes online and then end up wearing it once or chucking it out because it was the wrong size or didn’t fit right. Creating a capsule wardrobe means that everything goes well together and there are so many clothing combinations with what you have. Due to this, and self-control in banning online clothes shopping, you will save thousands! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like clothes are seriously expensive these days. I will invest in good quality clothing that will last me and rotate between these outfits. Life is too short and budgets are too tight to have the mentality that you will only wear an outfit once. I will treat myself to a new staple item every now and again or if I have a special occasion coming up I might buy something new. But even then, you will likely find that if you look through your closet you already have so many amazing items that would work well for the event you’re shopping for. Anyway that’s enough rambling, but seriously..at least stop and think before you click ‘checkout’.

I have so many tips with this category that I had to create a whole blog post solely dedicated to money saving hacks for beauty. You can read that article here. A few key takeaways though were to cut down on trips to the salon by taking care of your hair well, investing in skincare so that you need less makeup, opting for some drugstore products instead of high end and investing in IPL instead of constant waxing appointments.

Food / Drink 
Food and drink can really drain the bank account but its super easy to justify spending when you’re hungry or thirsty. I mean think about it, have you ever stopped to check your Maccas total when you are a 10/10 hangry? Being prepared is the best way of saving money on food and drink. Ensuring you always carry water and BYO coffee instead of relying on Barista made. A $4 coffee every work day for a year is over $1000….in coffee alone! Let’s be real, coffee is usually more than $4 as well. This is a super easy way to find some extra cash. Also, it’s a generic tip but obviously pack your lunch instead of buying it each day because the math for BUYING lunch each day is even scarier than the $1000 in coffee.

Going Out 
I’m going to start this section with the statement…we don’t usually make great financial decisions when we’re drunk. Poor financial judgment like not only buying drinks for yourself but all of your friends and maybe even random people. Even going out in general is really expensive and usually costs hundreds on drinks, food and cabs. That’s why I love catching up with my friends at home and inviting them over for dinner. Or having a couple of cocktails over dinner in a nice restaurant instead of blowing heaps of cash on alcohol. It’s way better for your health and your wallet. Make a habit of having a girl’s night in instead of club hopping and you will definitely be able to save some serious cash.

My last quick tip is instead of getting sucked into the latest iPhone, keep yours until it breaks. Or invest in a great quality laptop that way you won’t have to replace it in 2 years when the battery fails. Investing in tech that lasts will save you a lot of money in the long run. Okay so those are all of my latest tips to help you save money!

I hope you have found them useful and find that these small changes can really make a difference in how much money you save. Buying new clothes might seem important at the time, but having an extra $5000 to go on holiday at the end of the year is probably more important to you. It’s all about prioritising what makes you happiest and saving your funds for those things, rather than the day-to-day expenses and shopping lists that never end.

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Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you for sharing the tips. I think I don't invest much in clothes and beauty... most of my money go for food, family stuff and books :(