Monday, September 3, 2018

Things That Can Make You Look Younger Every Day

*This is a contributed post We all want to be complimented on our looks and when someone says that we don’t look our age, we feel like we’re nine feet tall and six feet above the ground. Unfortunately, our lifestyle and genetics have a lot to do with how our skin and face ages, and some people need more help than others. If you would like to see a younger you looking back in the mirror at you every morning, you might want to do something about those fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention the dark spots and scars. Below you will find a few ways you can look younger every day that will improve your confidence level and your mental health, too.

Reduced Stress

If you can make yourself a promise to worry less, you are more likely to look younger, the main cause of lines and wrinkles is worrying too much. It is also important that you attend a regular eye test, as squinting for a long time without even noticing it can cause eye wrinkles that are very hard to get rid of. You will need to learn some meditation techniques that will help you deal with stress and anxiety and look and feel calmer every day.

Healthy Love Life

Your love life also has something to do with your physical appearance. If you are not happy in your relationship or don’t have someone to support you, it might be hard to take time off to look after your appearance. Not to mention that sex releases some important hormones that will help your tissues and your body regenerate. If you find a regular partner you can trust, they will accept you how you are, and you will feel more confident which will be noticeable on your appearance. If you are happy with yourself, you will find a way to look after yourself better, too.

Steaming and Sauna

If you would like to preserve the flexibility of your aging skin, you will need to exercise it and avoid the pores becoming more visible. If you get the chance to attend a steam room or a sauna regularly, you will be able to improve the complexion and the condition of your skin. By detoxifying your pores, you can also prevent some of the more visible signs of aging. In case you are not a spa person, you can get a home steamer that will give you the same results at home, but you can only treat your facial skin this way. Add some chamomile tea to the water before you boil it, so you can get rid of bacteria, too.

Cold Face Wash

It might also be a good idea to wash your face in the morning and at night with cold water. This is not just an old wives tale; it actually works. If you can alternate between cold and hot water in the shower, you will keep your skin and pores flexible and increase the production of collagen. You will have fuller lips, better skin complexion, and help your body detoxify your pores faster.


One of the controversial treatment options of today is the home treatment of micro-needling. This method includes an ice roller that will plump your skin and firm it at the same time, stimulating collagen production. This combined with an advanced skin care cream will deliver better results faster, as the micro-needling will help the skin absorb the vitamins and minerals. This method is just one step up from professional facial massage.

Collagen Treatments and Cosmetic Interventions

Those who have recently lost a lot of weight will benefit from collagen treatments and cosmetic surgery as well. If you have had a lot of stress recently or you would like to deal with a scar or imperfection, you can get some non-intrusive cosmetic treatments. In case you would like to make more drastic changes in your appearance, you might want to check out the various options, so you can find out what to expect before getting a facelift and are prepared for the recovery time and choose the right solution that will get you the results you’re after.

We all would like to look younger, but life happens and we get stressed out, forget to take care of our body and skin, and then need to deal with the consequences. If you find yourself in the need of cosmetic or natural rejuvenation, make sure that you check out your options before making the final decision.

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