Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tips To Eat Healthy With A Busy Social Life

You know those kind of weeks or months where it feels like you are never home so inevitably you are eating out like A LOT?!

It's so easy to stress out over how much you are eating out or beat yourself up over that giant bowl of pasta you ate. So in this post I'm sharing my tips on how to keep up the healthy eating during times when you have a really busy social life and are eating out heaps or attending lots of events.

Watch the sauces
If you order a salad, pay attention to what sauces they have listed on the menu. Sometimes I have tried to opt for the healthier version and get a salad only to find that it is drenched in olive oil or creamy sauces. A sauce high in sugar, salt and fat completely takes away from the health of the salad so pay attention to this.

Look for veggies
Another way of eating healthy at a restaurant is to pick the option with the most veggies because then even if the meal includes some heavy fats and carbs, at least you are getting some veggies in. This is especially the case with Chinese food where I will always get the steamed vegetables in oyster sauce. It's also the case with pizza, pasta and lasagna because when these are high in vegetables they can actually be really good for you.

Research beforehand
If you get the chance and have planned a restaurant beforehand, read the menu online and plan out what you are going to eat before you get there. Sometimes the online menus also have calories next to each meal which is worth referring to but not relying on 100% because eating healthy is more important than calorie control, at least in my books. When deciding on the meal ask yourself "is this nourishing my body" because what you eat has a huge impact on how you feel and pretty sure you want to feel great.

Assess the method of cooking
Not all food is prepared equally. Go for steamed, boiled or baked rather than pan-fried or deep fried because this will cut down on fats. It also just means you can eat a lot more because it is prepared in a healthier way.

Skip dessert
Okay, okay this one is tough but even I stick by this most of the time and I'm what you would call "cake obsessed". Usually restaurant meals are quite large and should adequately fill you up to the point where you don't need dessert. Especially if you have been eating out often I would say skip it and go for fruit instead, whether there is a platter on the menu or you just wait until you get home for dessert.

Extra Tip
At events avoid mindless snacking on whatever is in front of you. You don't have to eat it just because it's there. If they keep coming around with canap├ęs try them once or twice but don't just keep eating if they put food in front of you, especially when you aren't even hungry or will be spoiling your dinner.

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Simple and effective tips! Thank you for sharing!
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