Monday, November 19, 2018

3 Meat Free - Healthy Lunch Ideas

With Summer just around the corner you might already have noticed your body’s natural attempt to supress your appetite. In the warmer weather it’s completely normal to find yourself eating a bit less and not having as much of an appetite as usual. 

As someone who was vegetarian for years, I still like to cut meat out of my diet every now and again. I find that cutting out both meat and dairy dramatically reduces the amount of saturated fat and sugar I am consuming. So in this post I thought I would show you three super easy, meat-free meals to try for a light and healthy lunch.

Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls 
This is a sneaky way to eat vegetarian for lunch because there are so many delicious flavours in a buddha bowl, you definitely aren’t missing the meat at all. This is always the perfect way to hide a heap of vegetables in your diet. Healthy nuts and dressings provide you with a dose of good fats and the slow-release protein and carbs in the quinoa keeps you fuller for longer.

2 cups Brussels sprouts
1 tbsp Garlic
2 tsp Garlic powder
4 cups Kale
1 Red onion, large
2 Sweet potatoes, large
2 cups Water or vegetable broth
1 cup Quinoa
1 tsp Curry powder
2 Salt and pepper Oils
3 tbsp Olive oil Nuts
1 tsp Cumin Raw

Vegan Lasagne 
This is the perfect healthy version of a comfort food – lasagne. This completely raw version gives you a healthy dose of vegetables into your diet and leaves you feeling nourished. Full of fresh produce, healthy fats, sun-dried tomato goodness and much more.

1 Avocado
1 handful Basil, fresh
1 cup Cherry tomatoes
2 clove Garlic
2 cups Herbs or greens, tightly packed
1/2 cup Sun-dried tomatoes
500 g Zucchini 1 Lemon juice
3 tbsp Nutritional yeast
1 tbsp Poppy seeds
1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup Cashews
1 tbsp Pine nuts

Brown Rice Edamame Salad 
This is sort of a spin on a sushi bowl. The delicious flavours of brown rice, edamame, oranges, greens, beans, lime juice and soy sauce all work together to create a flavour explosion. This is super simple, fresh, satisfying and packed full of nutrition.

3/4 cup Cilantro
1 1/2 cups Cucumber
2 cups Edamame beans
1 Garlic clove, whole
1 tsp Ginger, fresh
3/4 cup Green onion, thin
1 can Mandarin oranges
2 cups Microgreens
1 can Pinto beans
4 tbsp Lime juice
1 tbsp Soy sauce
3 cups Brown rice, cooked and cooled
1 Crispy wonton
1 pinch Black pepper
1 tbsp Brown sugar
1 Red pepper, whole
Salt, Olive Oil, Sesame Oil.

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