Tuesday, December 11, 2018

4 Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Even in summer, we can all be a bit slack when it comes to going to the gym. 

Ok, I booked to go to a 7am class on Mondays, but do I really have to get up that early when I could just sleep instead? On top of this, you have to make yourself look gym-appropriate (that is, not like you’ve unwillingly been dragged out of bed at 7am in the morning) and you have to drive or get the subway all the way there and back, usually before work. It’s too stressful, we think, especially when winter comes around, so we’ve put together some tips for working out at home. Ciao, gym classes!

1. Squats Aah, squats. Yes, they can be pretty hard, especially after you’ve done quite a few of them, but if you want to get those stronger, sculpted glutes (or in layman's terms: a good butt) then you can’t go wrong here. There are so many types of squats out there, from dumbbell squats to sumo squats, and if you really want to have the best butt in town, then use glutimax alongside your workout.

2. Plank Watching somebody doing a plank could easily lead to you to believe that it’s the easiest form of exercise in the world. ‘Yeah,’ you think, ‘I can do a plank, and I could do it whilst eating a tub of ice cream too.’ However, giving it a try will show you how hard it actually is, so have fun doing it anywhere around your home if you want to get the best abs without splashing out on a gym pass. Yes please.

3. Reverse lunges If you want to have super toned legs but you don’t have a large variety of gym equipment at home, then try reverse lunges. Put your right leg back, and land on the ball of your foot, making sure that both of your legs look like perfect 90 degree angles (well, almost…) and as you stand, lift your leg to your chest. Repeat, repeat, repeat and put on some music if you want to get a good rhythm going.

4. Push ups If you’re looking to get out into the world of Instagram fitness modelling, then working on your arms from home is also a good idea. Doing push ups is an age-old workout, but one that you can trust. If you’re a beginner (or you just hate push ups) then starting out from doing them on your knees is fine. Soon you’ll be amazing at them, and you’ll also be super strong. Everyone’s a winner. So, if you’re looking to get fit from home this winter, try squats to get the perfect butt, the plank for your abs, reverse lunges for your legs and push ups for your arms.

You can find home exercises for pretty much any part of your body, so don’t believe that you need a gym pass (or the motivation to actually go to the gym) in order to get fit! Have fun, and enjoy your home workouts!


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