Thursday, February 14, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Make More Money

I’m a freelancer, and making money is usually a big deal for me. As writing usually takes my time and need ways to make money. 

Making money fast and ‘legal’ depends on your talent and level of experience. It’s true that money isn’t everything, but it won’t hurt to add more zeroes to your account. Make more of it, and you will see how important having that extra cash can do for you. Not having anything is not new to me too. I know how it feels. Even though I’m trying my best now. My experience has made me come up with these 5 ways to make more money. Though, these tips have always been in existence. So, I think it’s worth sharing.

• Become a blogger.
Work from anywhere in the world and choose your own hours! Write about the things that you are passionate about and build connections with an online audience. Everyone has something worth saying that others would be interested to read about. Pick up a copy of Jordy's book 'A 3 Step Guide to Turn Your Blog into a Career' for the ultimate playbook on starting a blog and building financial success. Get your copy HERE.

• You are doing something wrong. 
I’m sure what you were expecting was something you could do to earn you that extra cash. Not like we won’t talk about that, the truth is, there are some things we are currently doing now that we need to stop. Once we do (stop), you will be shocked at how your income will increase dramatically. So, my first tip is that you should stop doing that thing that is making you feel this way, to begin with. There are lots of opportunities out there, so, why would you want to ignore things that will change your life for good over something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

• Turn your mobile to a money-making machine. 
Once that’s out of the way, its time we talk about those things that can bring in more money for you. One of which is your mobile phone. There are lots of ways you can make money using your phone. Example of apps to install to fetch money on your phone include Gigwalk, Ibotta, EasyShift, Shopkick, amongst other apps.

• Market Trading 
Once upon a time, investing in stock markets use to be a nightmare. It used to be difficult to break. Ladies and gentlemen, not anymore. The market has been cracked open. Now almost anyone can invest in this market today. The amazing part is that you can do this on your own. There are lots of platforms to experiment with. But make sure you have an experienced head tutoring you all the way.

• Make money using your car. 
Cars use to be a necessity and luxury, more importantly, to move from one place to another. Now, you can make money using your car to transport people from one place to the other. You can do this by either renting out your car, advertising businesses for corporate bodies or by just driving your car. I’m sure you’ve heard of Uber, Lyft, amongst other platforms.

• Start a website. 
One of the simple ways to make money even while you are asleep is by owning a website. Once you make use of a trusted hosting company. you just have to make sure you drive in traffic and make yourself heard globally and you are good to go.

There are other ways to make money. But, a thousand step starts with a step. A step is what you will be taking with these tips.

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