Thursday, April 11, 2019

How To: Compliment Your Eyeshadow with Your Eye Colour

You can match your eyeshadows to your eye color using any theory, I mean, there are tons of ways to do this. The most important thing to understand is that you need to make sure that your makeup compliments the tone. 

There are some colors that will surely make your eyes feel like its radiating. Need your eyes to stand out and feel unique?

Here is a guide on some of the best eyeshadow tones that will definitely make your eyes pop and have you look beautiful. Hey! thank me later…

• Brown eyes. 
With the brown eyes, you can pull off any shades especially when you add a flash of the green liner. If you’ve got brown eyes, that my dear makes you a lucky one. What I love most about brown eyes is the fact that it features fleck of many colors. With brown eyes, you can work with lots of shade. Try out different colors as you deem fit. For me, I love brown eyes with green liner – but that’s me. Yours might be the brown liner. Just make sure it doesn’t feel too heavy – That’s the thing...You will hardly find a color that makes the brown eye feel heavy.

• Blue eyes. 
If you’ve got blue eyes, well, good for you. Try working with earth-tones, slight purple base, the slate-colored grays, and taupe. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear other colors, there are lots of them that will definitely make your eye pop for fun. For instance, you can try the purple/pink color eyeshadow. This will be very nice as it will be a contrast to your eyes. The fun shouldn’t end there, you can try out the gold shadow, trust me…You will thank me later.

• Green eyes. 
I know I said something about ladies with brown eyes been lucky, but I should say this… I fancy girls with green eyes – don’t take it the wrong way! But damn, they look good. Anyways, if you’d love to get your eyes popping and jaws dropping then try a color that will give a contrasting feel. One thing you’ve got to take note of is that applying shadow colors to green eyes should not be too complex and you shouldn’t make it that way either. So, what I will advice is that you follow the simple rule off applying just the basic colors. Don’t know what the basic colors are? Try out the earth tones and add a touch of taupe colors, hints of gold and mocha brown. Just play around with it till you get the perfect touch.

• Hazel eyes.
Hazel eyes are formed when a moderate amount of melanin combines with Rayleigh scattering in the Iris’ anterior border layer (source: Wikipedia). The color is a mixture of brown and green (mild green). So, you need a color to not only bring out the beauty, but you also need to add colors to give it that aggressive vibe. A way to go about it is to enhance the yellow feel right around the Iris by adding metallic gold or any other that’s close to it.

Conclusion The fun doesn’t only lie in the result, play around with colors. Who knows what you might come up with?

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