Thursday, May 16, 2019

Aerobic Options: When You're Going For Tone

For most men, they want mass and size when it comes to their fitness goals. They want to have denser muscles and be able to look and feel stronger. For many women, they just more curves and tone for their body. You don’t need to do what the men are doing to achieve this, because weightlifting is mainly for mass. When you use weights for toning, this inevitably puts mass on your body as well. So surely, there’s a better way to get more tone without looking like the hulk. That’s where aerobics come in. In the late 80s they really became the answer for many people who wanted to improve their fitness and healthy but not come home exhausted and sore from the gym all the time. You can work up a sweat without feeling like you’ve been steamrolled. But is there just one kind of aerobics or do you have options of different kinds?

Stepping up your game

Perhaps the earliest form of aerobics was the step aerobic training. Quite simply, there would be steps made out of rubber, polymer or just foam and fabric. They would be placed on the floor and the workout would center around the step. You could and can add steps so the overall height is taller. This means that you’ll be lifting your knees up higher as you step up and or pass over. The workout engages the thighs, knees, glutes and core all at the same time. This aerobic workout is recommended to complete beginners. It's easy, simple to understand and follow and really doesn’t cost that much either.

The pendulum moves

It's not to say that dumbbells can’t be used but they can’t be weight lifting dumbells. Set weight gripping dumbbells are often used in aerobics. The pendulum workout styles do this as they have you stretch out with the dumbbells in hand and move around. This puts flexion on your limbs but the weight isn’t so much that you begin to engage in muscle tearing. It's purely for stamina, joints and overall range of movement training. Dumbbell aerobics can be combined with step aerobics and many times are in professional classes.

The modern variant

As with any kind of workout style, aerobics has gone through a modern change. It has evolved to the point that intense whole body workouts have developed and popularized as a comprehensive workout. They combine multiple different aerobics styles, whereby you’ll be doing bodyweight exercises, but also using machines. You can sign up for this kind of aerobics if you click here for more information. There are private sessions as well as full group sessions where you will be classed with a similar level of guests. These workouts are also done in the private building that the company owns so you won’t be in a gym studio.

Aerobics is great for those that don’t want to accumulate mass but work more on their figure and tone. It's gone through many changes from the simple step workouts to the dumbbell style and now the pilates fad.


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