Friday, May 31, 2019

Why Dead Skin Needs The Old Heave-Ho

The skincare industry is literally worth billions. There are hundreds of millions of women who want to solve their own skincare issues and so there are millions of different solutions. It's not just about business by the way, some people really do need specific treatments for their skin. Not everyone has the same kind of beautiful skin so this makes the challenge of making products and treatments even harder. Nowadays we are spoiled for choice because we have countless complex and exotic solutions. There are exotic plants from the rainforest that have a powerful cleaning affect that we can use. Maybe you want something that is going to give you a more even skin tone so you’ll use yogurt and honey as a way to do this. Sometimes the easiest solutions are right in front of you such as removing dead skin cells.

What do they cause?

Dead skin cells cause a lot of complications for our skin. For one they are no longer receiving a supply of oxygen so they cannot stay hydrated. They are basically functionless, they don’t offer anything to us. They don’t help our skin stay protected from the sun, they don’t help us with our complexion and they certainly don’t help with our hygiene. In fact they do the opposite because dead skin cells are like candy for germs. They feast on your dead skin cells and leave behind their waste. This can cause things like acne breakouts and spots to appear. They also trap the natural oils in our skin so we end up looking very shiny and unpleasant too.

Shooting or wiping away?

If you are an avid skincare consumer, you will know that there are many different professional ways you can rid  your skin of dead skin cell build up. You might therefore be asking which is better, dermaplane vs microdermabrasion? Well think of it this way, dermaplane is wiping away the dead skin cells and microdermabrasion is shooting it away. Which is better for you? Well, dermaplane is a lot easier, simpler and is done by hand. It brightens your skin tone, softens rough skin and also softens the appearance of wrinkles. Microdermabrasion does similar things but it's done with a tool that shoots tiny crystals at the skin cells and then sucks them both away. The latter is better for sensitive skin but the former is more accurate and might produce better results for aging skin.

  A daily scrub

Daily spot scrubs are great preventative steps for your skin. Inside the spot scrubs are microbeads which are used to somewhat coarsely rub your skin rid of dead cells. These scrubs are so mild that you can use them everyday at least twice. Look for the best kind of spot scrub for your skin and make it a part of your skincare routine.

Dead skin cells can form a tough or even hard layer of skin if they are allowed to build up. They can cause spots and even acne to flourish on your skin, so consider these options for your skin care routine.


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