Friday, August 23, 2019

Do Certain Foods Flare Up Health Problems?

Food is the source of happiness for so many of us, so to think that it might be attacking our bodies more than we already know that fatty, salty and sugary foods are, is a scary thought. When you have such a deep love for food, it can be hard to admit that it's going to do us wrong in more ways than we already know about. And when it comes to our health, some of us are becoming so much more wrapped up in how to treat our bodies, and what might be affecting it. So, considering you might not understand how certain foods can flare-up certain conditions, we've put together this great post that should help you out. We're going to list just a few of the health conditions that we know certain foods flare up, so hopefully this will help you a little bit!

Skin Conditions

We know that food can either have a positive or negative effect on our skin. First of all, you've got the common knowledge that if you were to eat a lot of food that was rather greasy, you'd most likely notice that your pores are clogging up and you're breaking out in spots. But food works a lot deeper than this, and there are skin conditions such as psoriasis that can flare up with certain types of foods. Sufferers have found that it's usually foods high in salt. Salt can be so irritating to the skin, just think about how much it stings if you get it in a little cut. Acidic foods have also been known to cause a few problems. Psoriasis is a lifelong condition that affects the skin's ability to shed dead skin cells, meaning large chunks of skin build up over time. But it is a condition that we're finding is becoming easier to manage, although it cannot be fully cured. Guselkumab is an antibody that sufferers can have injected that should help to treat and manage psoriasis. It works by aiding the immune system to specifically target substances within our body that are associated with disease. Daily care with ointments and creams is also essential for sufferers. So if you do suffer, then make sure that you're following all of the guidelines in terms of care, but also think about the diet you have. Think about what you have recently ate during a flare-up, and whether that might have contributed. 

Digestion Conditions

One of the most common digestive problems in the world is IBS. So many of you reading this will suffer, but it can become so hard to understand what foods are triggering your IBS, because it can be so different to someone else's. But one of the most common food groups is any source of fatty foods. Whether it be deep in saturated fats from a take out, or whether it be high in sugar, which can be irritable to digest. Our best advice is to keep a food diary, because you will quickly notice the foods that are having a more profound affect on you.

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