Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Five Treats You Need!

Pink Manicure

Every now and then we all want to take a moment to escape from our daily lives. We want to kick-start a journey of indulgence and enjoy ourselves for a while. We all want to take a moment to indulge in self-care, and yet finding the time to do it? That’s almost impossible sometimes. We surround ourselves in stress and pressure, which means that we need a moment to de-stress and de-pressure and de-thinkaboutworkthenextday (which is a new made up word, honest.)

So, let’s look at five treats that you need right now!

A Full Spa Day.

It may be a little pricey, but sometimes you just NEED to take your girlfriends and go to a spa for the day. Jacuzzi, swim, steam, relax on hot stone benches - no matter what you do, you need to get to a spa. Tranquility and calm are a must at least once. The soft and harmonious music is going to make you feel fantastic. All you need is flickering candles and herbal tea to sip from and you’re good to go!
A Girly Movie Marathon
There is so much more to pampering than heading to a spa day - much as the spa is a lovely day out! Gather the masses and some snacks and start thinking about how that popcorn, chocolate and ice cream is going to be just as much therapy as the hydrotherapy services you get every week. Find the perfect TV show and every season they have (ahem, Gossip Girl, anyone?) and spend the evening scheming with Serena and b*tching with Blair. You’ll never regret that girly time you get de-stressing and feeling good!
Take Time To Nap
Did you know that an afternoon nap - no more than twenty minutes - could do so much toward making you feel energized and refreshed? You can’t take a snooze time while you’re in the office as unfortunately, companies don’t recognize the importance of nap time. When you’re at home, though, the rules change and you can stuff in an hour of beauty sleep.
DIY Beauty
If you can’t afford the proper spa day, you can take the time to go for a DIY spa day instead! Pick up the right gel polish for your nails, buy a hair mask and make some facemasks, too! Doing it at home with friends offers an extra level of decadence you didn’t expect!
DIY Foot Massage
When you’re feeling relaxed and happy, it’s time to give yourself a foot massage. Focus on your feet and you’ll make yourself feel amazing. Reflexology is not to be sniffed at and you can really relax the entire body when you give your feet a little attention.

These five treats all offer you one thing: relaxation. They make you feel new and refreshed, and they can make you feel energized about yourself, too. Give yourself a treat, and you’ll always remember how it feels to feel excellent about life. Make time for self-care; it’s important!

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