Friday, October 18, 2019

Why You Should Try Eyebrow Microblading

If you are looking to better frame your face and enhance your eyes then you must take a look at eyebrow microblading and consider if it is right for you. It is known as a tried and tested technique to create a better natural shape of your features and one of the proven methods available for you to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.

While Microblading is not the only option available for you to enhance the good looks of eyebrows, it is by far the most economical option. Regularly visiting the salon on a weekly basis to wax your eyebrows would cost a considerable amount of money compared to the one-off costs of microblading. Along with that, you will have to invest a lot of time to get the job done as well.

That’s where microblading gets its good reputation – in that you can save both time and money over the long run. Microblading is similar to semi-permanent makeup and as such not only saves you time spent in the salon, but also saves you from applying brow makeup on the daily. Here are some of the most prominent reasons for you to go ahead and try microblading yourself.

1. Microblading is a more economical choice than other brow services on the market 
As mentioned earlier, the ability to save money is one of the biggest reasons available for you to take a look at the microblading techniques. When you do simple math calculations, you will figure out how much money you are spending on the eyebrow filling products, such as pencil in eyebrows per year. That’s where you can think about microblading as an excellent investment. It is true that you have to spend more money on microblading than waxing. However, it can help you to refrain from the recurring expenses. We trust the experts at Tina’s Permanent Makeup & Eyelash services offering quality microblading that will save you significant money in the future.

2. Save time in the short term and in the long run with microblading. 
You are packed with a tight schedule and you don’t have time to visit the salon on a weekly basis and spend a couple of hours. That’s another reason available for you to get semi-permanent makeup with microblading. From the recent studies, it has been identified that an average woman spends around 15 minutes a day with ombre eyeliners. If you want to save this time, you can take a look at microblading. Then you can save 15 minutes from the daily routine. That’s because you know that you don’t have to use any products such as Ombre to fill up your eyebrows. Book an appointment with Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash services today.

3. It will last for at least three years
When you get the treatment done from a Houston microblading expert, such as Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash, you will be able to make sure that the treatments last at least for a duration of up to three years. This is another impressive reason available for you to take a look at microblading. You should keep in mind that microblading is not in a position to deliver permanent results. However, it can last for three years, which is more than enough.

4. Your eyebrows will look naturally perfect 
All the ladies who are looking forward to improve the appearance of eyebrows would be concerned about getting natural looking eyebrows as much as possible. If you are going forward with microblading technique, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. That’s because microblading technique can assist you to make your eyebrows look natural, and how you would ideally like to have them look usually through makeup application. If you have suffered hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy, microblading is a perfect solution. Nobody will be able to notice that you have got back missing eyebrows with the help of microblading. It looks that much natural. Therefore, you will be able to enhance your good looks naturally.

5. It is a pain free procedure 
One of the biggest reasons available for you to take a look at microblading is that the procedure doesn’t hurt. At Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash they make the procedure pain free. If pain is your concern then you will be able to go ahead with microblading without keeping any doubt or a second thought in mind. Also important to note is that during the microblading procedure, a numbing topical ointment would be applied. Hence, no local anesthesia will be injected to your forehead. This ointment can deliFver perfect results and you will not experience any pain at all. Due to the ointment, some of the women even tend to fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be able to notice the new eyebrows shape and be impressed about it.

6. Your eyebrow color will not change 
One of the biggest myths that can be found among women out there in the world is that they believe microblading technique has the ability to change the natural colors of their eyebrows. In other words, they believe that their eyebrows would turn gray or red after the procedure. This fact is not true. A variety of studies have been conducted on microblading during the past as well. No such study has confirmed that microblading technique has the ability to change the color of eyebrows. Therefore, you will be able to proceed with it without having any doubts in mind. The pigments used for microblading technique are specifically designed with the help of organic ingredients. They will never change their color along with time.

7. It is a completely safe practice 
Last but not least, you need to understand that microblading technique is extremely safe cosmetic procedure and will not lead you towards any health consequences whatsoever. However, you need to make sure that you are getting the treatment from one of the experienced and reputed Houston microblading technicians like Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash. Then you can ensure that right method is being followed at the time of enhancing the good looks of your eyebrows. Along with that, you will be able to enjoy hassle free results as well. There are not any short term or long term side effects linked with the microblading technique. As you can see, microblading is one of the best methods available for you to improve the appearance of eyebrows thus adding structure to your features. Your eyebrows can contribute a lot towards your overall look and through microblading you will never have to pick up an eye pencil again. If you have been sitting there reading this article thinking microblading sounds right for you then you should definitely get in contact with our team to book an appointment. It will be one of the best investments that you can make to save you time and achieve your optimal brow look. If you are looking into microblading, you only want to work with the best of the best.

We recommend Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash. They are leading microblading specialists in Houston, TX and will make your experience a great one. When you get the treatment done from a microblading expert, you see the difference and we guarantee Tina’s Permanent Makeup and Eyelash will not disappoint. Head to the website or Facebook page for more details. (Or you can call them at 713-820-8040 to make an appointment or a free consultation session).


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