Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Trendy Hairstyles For This Season!

 Don't worry if you find yourself in a hair crisis and don't know where to focus your next hairstyle. Luckily, this season is loaded with a wide range of possibilities: short or long, straight or wavy, bun or braid ... Everything is possible. We all want our hair to look healthy and always to be a trend. Our skin and our hair make us feel confident, afterall. There are many simple hairstyles that we can pull in an unexpected moment or when we have little time, and the tools we use to make life even more straightforward. 

For example, a rotating iron hair straightener can make life much simpler for you in the morning! However, let's take a more in-depth look into the style that you can adopt this season. 

Photo: Unsplash

Simple hairstyles idea: low ponytail with 90s locks

Suppose something reminds us of our childhood/adolescence, those zigzag irons that left our hair like electricity, and that 120% 90's inspired. Well, taking advantage of the trend, but adapt it! Waves always look good, so collect your hair at the side, use a scrunchie and keep it in a low ponytail.   

Simple hairstyles ideas: top knot in semi-updo.  

One of the hairstyles that is a trend par excellence is the top knot, but semi-up. It is the easiest and simplest hairstyle in the world to do, and also, it never goes out of style. Separate your hair into two sections and collect the top one as a semi-updo in a bun, voila! Trendy and straightforward hairstyle ready.  

Simple hairstyles ideas: loose hair with lopsided parting.

If you have freshly washed hair, take advantage of the lopsided parting and tousled hair trend. You can give the hair some texture so that the shape will hold a little longer with a few spritzes of hairspray. It is one of the trends that we have seen the most on the runway, and it is an effortless hairstyle.

Simple Hairstyles Ideas: Classic Ponytail.

If you have a minute to comb your hair or zero desire to put effort into styling yourself, the classic ponytail is your salvation. You can comb your hair back and collect it at the middle of the head with an elastic band or velvet scrunchie or make it high by collecting it at the top of the head and using bobby pins to keep it in place. You will decide that according to how you feel that day is more beautiful but add hairspray to ensure it stays all day.

Simple Hairstyles Ideas: Use accessories!

Another of the most comfortable hairstyles to do and that will take less time is a low ponytail. Besides, it is a trend to add an accessory such as the typical thin black bow with a large bow or, for example, a colored handkerchief - accessorizing is always in fashion! 

Eva Mendes is one of her global ambassadors for this accessory, and she always makes her outfits very personal. The wet effect is the solution to those days when you don't know what to do with your hair, and time plays against you. Get a wet effect spray and comb your hair back slickly. You will achieve a simple but exquisite look. There's no reason not to experiment with your hair; you may be surprised! 

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