Thursday, July 30, 2009

Haul 1


Today's post is a July haul because it is the very last day of July today, so these are the products that i have bought in July.
I have collated them by store i bought them in and have included prices.
I will be doing a review on some of these products, so stay tuned for that.


1. Maybelline "Great Lash" Mascara: $12
2. Prestige 'Lightshine" pack: $5 originally $20
3. Maybelline Mineral Powder "Gentle Pink": $8 originally $16
4. CoverGirl pressed powder in clean "buff beige": $16
5. CoverGirl tanfastic bronzer in "soleil": $8 originally $16
6. Sugar Baby Fairy Gloss in " wishy washy" : $10
7. Rimmel Sweet Jelly in "170 Sherbet": $11
8. Maybelline Froever Metallics in " Metal Mauve" : $12
9. Chi Chi lip plumper in "Bigger Is Better: $20
10. Chi Chi lip plumper in " Trout Pout": $20
11. Red Earth creamy eyeshadow in " Mermaid Sand": $6


1. Be Yourseld 48 colour eyeshadow pallet: $10
2. Be Yourself blusher pallet: $5
3. BYS shimmer powder in "Sky Blue": $5
4. BYS shimmer powder in "Soft Mauve": $5
5. BYS shimmer powder in "Sun Dance": $5
6. BYS bronzing powder in " Bronzing": $4
7. BYS blusher in "Pink Velvet": $4
8. Revlon brush-on shine in "Passion Punch":$10
9. Revlon Glossy Licious in "Guava Glimmer": $9
10. Revlon glimmer gloss nail enamel in "Strawberry Sizzle": $8

THE WAREHOUSE1. Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser: $0.50
2. Johnson's Holiday Skin Daily Facial Moisturiser: $0.50
3. Realcare Exfoliating Cleansing Wipes 30 pack: $2
4. BYS liquid foundation in "Beige": $4
5. BYS lipstick in "Champagne Rain": $2
6. BYS lipstick in "Fuscia Surprise": $5
7. BYS glitter mascara in "Fuchsia Glitter": $4
8. BYS glitter mascara in "Silver Glitter": $4
9. Be Yourself Rave Shine in " Strawberry": $4
10. Brush set of 5 brushes: $4

COLES1. Neutrogena wave deep clean foaming pads: $14
2. The Body Collection lip balm in "pear & white orchid": $6
3. CoverGirl wetslick in "everything's rosy": $12
4. Lip Smacker in " Cotton Candy": $4
5. Swisspers cleansing eye make-up remover pads: $4
6. John Frieda Collection sheer blonde in "sleeks & glosses": $4

PRICE CUT1. BMC blusher in "Pretty Baby": $2.50
2. Nikka K Brow definer in "soft brown": $6.95
3. Nikka K eyeliner duo in "Pink Swish" and "Granite Black": $6.95
4. KK. lipstick in "Pretty Pink": $4.50


Triple Treat eye palette: $2

And that is what i bought this month, in July.
Keep on the look out for reviews for some of these products because i have a few opinions about a couple of these items.


P.S I am aware that this is a LOT of items but keep in mind that it was over the school holidays so i had a lot of time that was filled with shopping and a lot of it was done in Sydney so i splurged a little.

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lorien kate said...

I have that Be Yourself 48 colour palette aswell!! I love it :) Gorgeous colours, great quality, low price :)