Thursday, July 30, 2009



I am super excited about this post as i am going to be talking about my new Chanel lipgloss.

I have been wanting another one for a while and i finally got one. I think that the main reason i held off for so long to get another one is that fact that it was $50 which, to me, is a lot of money, especially since i have to pay for it myself.

It is expensive especially for a lipgloss, it would be okay maybe for a lipstick or foundation but not a lipgloss.

But i saw it sitting there at the Myer Chanel counter and it was calling me. So i got it.

It is in 105 Sideral and it is from the Levres Scintillantes Glossimer collection.

I know the pictures are probably overkill because there are so many but i am just really excited because if you know me, my favourite brand is Chanel. The quality is amazing and it gives me chills how pigmented and glittery they are.


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VanityMakeup said...

That shade is GORGEOUS! xx