Saturday, August 1, 2009

Haul 2

Hey everyone,

So i mentioned in my blog earlier today that i was going shopping and i posted my look of the day.

So this is going to be a haul of everything i picked up today. So i went to the usual department stores; K-mart, Target, Myer, David Jones etc. and at Myer i went to..

Yep, i found myself splurging at the MAC counter and these are the two items i grabbed...

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft And Gentle" ($48.00)

MAC Studio Fix in "C3" ($46.00)

I am really happy with my purchases and i believe that these items are extremley worth the money.

"Soft And Gentle" may be the most gorgeous Mineralize Skinfinish MAC has come out with yet and "C3" is the best Studio Fix powder for my skin tone for Winter and Summer.

And now for the usual stuff;

I got this plain black tank top with satin stripes and buttons($16)

I bought another top, this one has a strange pattern and again, silk stripes ($14)

I bought my third Chi Chi lip plumper, this time in "Double D" with the usual price ($20)

A napoleon Perdis lipgloss ($14)

Lux body wash in "Luminous Touch" ($6)

And the rest is really boring,

An adorable Hello Kitty thing (it had lollies in it...but i aet them all) (Like...$3)

And then just HEAPS of KitKat's (they are my favourite), gum and HEAPS of Mints.

So, thats what i hauled today and there will probably be nothing until next week as i am working tomorrow (You have to work when you buy as much as i do) and i have planned a shopping trip for next Saturday.



VanityMakeup said...

Great haul!
Please do a review on the Mac items :)

lorien kate said...

Wow! Thats the best haul Ive seen so far on blogger!!! I love MAC MSF - I have it in soft and gentle too, use it every day :D xx

Ashley said...

Mmmmmm kit kats
I can tell you love MAC