Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey everyone,
This post is about my top 10 favourites in July.

1.) My number one favourite is definitly my Nikka K eye brow definer. I use this this everyday and it is so natural looking and makes my eyebrows look really good.

2.) My second favourite is also something that i use everyday and it is my Softlips lip protectant in 'French Vanilla'.

3.) Maybe this is going to turn into a July favourites of things i use everday because i also use this everyday. It is my John Frieda hair gloss in "Sleek & Glosses". I put this in the ends of my hair every night after my shower to detangle my hair. I only got this about a week ago because i was running really low on my Garnier Colour Last "Nourish and Shine" product and i didn't even bother to finish it as i really wanted to try out the John Freida one and now i am addicted and can't imagine skipping a night of using it.

4.) CoverGirl's Wetslicks Amazement in "Everything's Rosy" . It is really minty and creamy and i can wear it to school because it is a rose colour and really blends into my lips, making it look really natural and shiny.

5.) The purfume i have been using a lot recently in Britney Spears "Fantasy". It smells like a really sweet, lolly sort of scent and i have been wearing it to school everyday (I am wearing it right now) it is really subtle but smells sooo good, i have all of Britney's purfumes!

6.) My new favourite nail polish. It is by Cutex and it is from their french manicure range in "French Rose". It is a really sheer pink and is very subtle. It really brightens your nails and i get comments all the time.

7.) My pearl necklace. I got this while i was in Sydney and am in love with it. It is the perfect length to do so many different things with and the pearls are so flawless and perfect.

8.) Revlon Clean & Gentle Eye Makup Remover. So far it works really well and does not leave anything behind. It is really good at getting rid of waterproof mascara and doesn't hurt if you get it in your eye.

9.) Mrs. Makeup contouring brush (#18). This brush is unbelievably soft, doesn't shed bristles and blends extremley well.

10.) Lastly, i am really liking my Chanel lipgloss, I am so glad i got 105 Sideral and although i havn't had a chance to properly experiment with it, it's Chanel, so of course it's in my July favourites.

And so they are my top ten favourites in July.


P.S I am going shopping tomorrow so be prepared for a haul.

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VanityMakeup said...

I have to get my hands on some chanel! :)

Nice post. xx