Friday, August 7, 2009


Hey everyone,

This post is going to be about people i LOVE on youtube. These people i love talk about makeup; they do hauls, reviews, collections and tutorials. I can literally sit on the computer for hours on end watching these people.

Here is my top 3, so it is a short list of the people who i can honestly say that i have watched EVERY SINGLE one of their videos.

1. Juicystar07
Blair is so pretty! I ADORE HER! There is just something special about her. She has sooo much talent and i can sit there for hours watching her videos and constantly seeing if she has uploaded more. By the way, her hauls are amazing and she works 3 jobs to pay for everything!

2. VanityMakeup
The only Australian i see talking about makeup! Nicole does awesome tutorials and is so gorgeous and talented. She has a darling little brother that helps her with her videos sometimes and i can really watch her videos and get something from it because most of the products and stores she talks about are here in Australia.

3. Allthatglitters21
Elle is beautiful and her life is amazing. She has like an internship in New York City or something and just like her sister Blair, is so talented. She does the best reviews and i am jelous of how many freebies she gets.

So they are my top 3 YouTubers. I watch every video of these girls and really look up to and adore them.
Yes i did mention in each girl's description that she was talented. And i know it started sounding untruthful and just put there to look good, i cant really find the word. But i honestly mean that these 3 girls have talent!

P.S Gosh i love Friday nights!!

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VanityMakeup said...

Aww thanks, this was so kind of you :)

I love blair & elle's videos too.