Friday, August 7, 2009


Hey everyone,

Secondly, I might not be going to MAC tomorrow because something has come up.
Lastly, this is a review on LUX bodywash!!

The LUX bodywash i recently hauled is in Luminous Touch for only $6 on special!
It is called that because the definition of luminous is radiant and bright so apparently it has skin brighteners in it that make your skin glow. To be exact it says on the back of the bottle that it wraps your skin in a light reflective veil of shea cream and delicate skin brightners, leaving your skin with a beautiful glow you can see. This is my second one, as i am just finishing up my first but i had it in a different selction, Dancing Light.

Ingredients: Let me tell you, you can see this glow/illuminator they talk about, it's called glitter! It's unbelievable! When i get out of the shower i actually see myself glittering! It has Shea Cream in it which i hear is EXTREMLEY hydrating and softening. As for the skin illuminators, i think it might just be glitter but i really like it.
Packaging: Their packaging is SO cute! You can see the glitter inside the bottle and you can almost imagine what it does to your skin. The label is beautiful and resists coming off in the shower, which is a problem i have with some of my shampoos. (and its high end stuff like De Lorenzo)

Quantity: On usage you only need a small amount onto a cleansing puff as it says 75+ washes, and i believe it because a little goes a long way with this body wash and you get 400ml so it is quite a big bottle.

Overall, I am really enjoying this product. I am a glitter girl so it's perfect for me and I feel that my skin is getting softer everyday. The only downside is that the glitter doesnt last very long, so when i wake up the glitter from the previous night's shower has decreased in quantity. But then again maybe it is for the best. I don't want to go to school looking like a disco ball!


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